Stealth Hunting And Muck Boots?

By: Don VanPelt

Itís amazing how sensitive the sense of smell is on animals. Itís anywhere from ten to one hundred times as sensitive as a human being's. And why is this? Well, for one thing, animals have to rely on their smell for survival. We humans donít. We have an enormous amount of brain power that allows us to seek food in many different ways without having to rely on our sense of smell.

Without even realizing it, our own bodies give off a scent that can be detected by animals over some amazing differences. Often an animal can smell you before they see or hear you. So what does all this have to do with hunting? When youíre out in the woods, you want to be as undetectable as possible. You wear camouflage clothing and you are as quiet as you can be, but what about your boots? Those boots are most likely made out of rubber or leather, and both can be detected by scent alone from an animal.

Muck Boots from the Muck Boot Company have come up with an ingenious boot that produces no scent at all and therefore wonít give your precious position away. Boots that are rubber are normally made from a compound of natural and synthetic rubber compounds and the flexible, hardened result has a distinct odor to it. Remember the pack boots when you were a kid? Remember smelling them when they were brand new? How clean and shiny they were? These might have been good enough for keeping your feet dry while you waited for the bus, but they would have tipped off prospective game if you had stood in the woods with these on.

Not only are they made from a completely scent free compound, but they are 100% waterproof and come with a cool camouflage design. I know the last thing you think about when hunting are the scent of your boots, but itís just one less thing you need to distract any animals you are trying to hunt. Itís not the waiting around and sitting or standing part that the animals will pick up on, but itís the trail you left when you got to your position that the animals are going to pick up on. Once they smell the rubber left over from a footprint, they will go elsewhere, since this is not a natural occurrence for them and their environment.

So, the next time you are getting dressed in the early morning hours to go out and find some game, think about everything you are going to be wearing. And follow some doníts:

ēDonít wear any scented deodorant
ēDonít wear any hair gel
ēDonít shower with any scented soaps
ēDonít wash your clothes in any powerful perfumed detergents

These are just some of the unnecessary scents that you can avoid with just a little pre-planning. So now that you have smells, sound, and site covered, what else is there to consider? Well, a little luck has to be on your side too. Some guys will just get a better break, all other things being equal.

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