Staying Motivated Walking

By: Sarah Carlye

Getting started walking can be easy, but staying motivated can be more difficult. There is no arguing that there are many benefits to walking, but many of the benefits aren’t seen immediately, they take time. This can make it hard to stay motivated. Staying motivated and sticking with a walking schedule will help develop a healthy walking habit which leads to long term benefits of walking.

Some of the results of walking take some time to be noticed. The results that may take time to be noticed include the following:

• Weight loss-it can take time to loose weight and even longer for it to be noticed
• Firm muscles-consistent and regular exercise will firm legs, buttocks, and stomach
• Fitness-gradually increasing the length and intensity of exercise will improve fitness
• Health benefits-it will take time to notice changes in health from walking

The Stepgym shoe can increase the benefits and shorten the time it takes to loose weight, firm muscles, become more fit, and increase health. Even with wearing the Stepgym shoe, you will need to work on staying motivated until the results of regular walking show.

Here are some suggestions to keep motivated on a daily basis:

• Walk with a friend-it will help you be accountable and make the time pass more quickly
• Walk with children-making the walk part of family time will help maintain motivation. Small children may like to ride their bike to keep up more easily
• Walk with your partner-usually if one partner, the other also needs the exercise is well. It can be some relaxing alone time away from the kids and home responsibilities
• Reward yourself for meeting goals-reward yourself with a book or some personal time after reaching the end of a week or month walking and then set another goal and reward

It takes about a month to develop a habit. You will probably struggle to stick with your walking schedule the first month. It will become easier after that. In addition, the benefits will begin to be noticed about that time and it will add to motivation to continue.

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