Split Page Testing

By: Aaron Stevens

Aaron Stevens here from www.mlm-secrets-smashed.com. Today's subject is Split Page Testing.

So, what is split page testing? Well, split page testing is the process of splitting up your visitors and sending half to capture page A and the other half to capture page B, and the reason we want to do this is to find which capture page is more effective in converting visitors to leads. Once you have found which page has higher conversion rates you are able to maximize your advertising dollar.

You might have many ideas or designs for your capture page, and you can use this technique of testing each of your capture pages. Use this technique on no more than two pages at a time, and after 4-5 days you can review your conversion rates. The site with the highest conversion rate is the site you'll run against capture page C for instance in the next split page test. Continue the process until you narrow down the capture page which is your highest converter.

There are many different approaches you can take to creating different capture pages for testing. They can range from having a page with text only and a simple web form to having a page with text, video, audio and web forms. Imagination is the key here. Play around with the formatting of the page as well, it has been proven to make a significant difference in conversion rates. Change the video from being on the left to the right, with the text on the right or left. Change where the signup form is, change the background colour, change the font. There are a lot of different things you can test, but the most important are the media content and positioning of it.

How do I start to implement this once I have some capture pages to test?

There are a couple of different ways, but for the sake of this article I'll assume you do not have automatically rotating capture page.

Lets take Google Adwords as an example. You would setup your ad campaign and load your keywords. You now need to create two ads; each ad is to have exactly the same heading, and ad text. The only difference being is the URL which traffic will be directed to. On one ad. you would put the URL of capture page A, and on the other you would put the URL of capture page B.

Read this section carefully and make sure you understand it because this is the most important part, if you get this wrong you are NOT split page testing. What you need to do now is setup your Google PPC campaign to evenly rotate your two ads which are driving traffic to your two capture pages. If you're not sure how to do this, I'll walk you through it. I'm assuming you're already signed into your account. Select your ad. Campaign, then select the 'settings' tab and scoll down to 'Advanced settings'. You'll find an option for ad. Rotation. Click on 'Edit', and select 'rotate', your ads will now rotate evenly and send the visitors equally between your capture pages A and B.

Split page testing is essential in being able to run an effective advertising campaign. Using this technique will help you save your advertising dollars, whilst getting better results. I guarantee once you find your best capture page, you'll be another step in front of the competition.

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