Special Features Associated With Sonic The Hedgehog

By: Gen Wright

If we go by the layman meaning of the word Hedgehog, it refers to a small insect-eating mammal, capable of rolling himself when attacked. But Sonic- the Hedgehog is much more than this. He is the protagonist and the chief character of the sonic games series released by Sega team.

Sonic games featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, where done to compete with Nintendo's Super Mario and as such, the effort was successful in the way it sold millions of Sega Consoles within days of its release. The popularity of the sonic games and of the Character specifically is attributed to the powers and the special features incorporated into sonic games.

Up-gradation to newer platforms: Earlier the project started off with 8-bit version but clarity and effects forced the developers and programmers to switch over to 16-bit and now to 32-bit versions. Gradual up-gradation in the technical front has made sonic games more user-friendly and close to the reality where the character can imitate the actions of the player.

Speciality of Sonic-the Hedgehog: The character of sonic games is special in all respects. Unlike ordinary hedgehogs, he can run with the speed of sound and has the ability to transform itself into Super Sonic which possesses super powers. He can fight with enemies, fly, grab powers, extra lives, lives the life his own way, likes challenges and incorporates all human emotions and feelings.

Common yet special features in sonic games: There are some common tricks available in all formats and stories of sonic games which allow prevention of death and gaining an upper hand over the enemies. Such features includes collectible golden rings, seven coloured emeralds which can supply extra powers like nuclear and laser, bonus stages, special stages, goals, checkpoints and almost every thing which makes the game more inquisitive for the player. graphic details and color resolution is improved with every release.

Music: Video, when supported with sizzling audio can create wonders. Sonic games are coupled with different music tones played on various instruments to add on to the effects of the game and make the player stick to it. In the latest and newest releases games have been improved by the addition of 3D digital soundtracks in the background. With the soundtrack being more fun and entertaining, players are inclined to enjoy the game playing experience a lot more.

Animation: Animation technology has grown very fast with time. The gaming characters act like real human beings on screen and can enact the real actions which are being performed by the player. They can be simulated.
In a nutshell, sonic games have really stolen the hearts of game seekers all over the world with their appearance and digital clarity. No doubt, the character will remain alive in our memories for ages.

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