Sourcing and Ordering Ford Car Parts

By: M Karmali

"My tastes are simple, I simply like the best."

The above quote by Henry Ford (1963-1947) sums up the philosophy of the most revered name in the automobile industry. Perhaps no other person has had so much influence on car industry as Henry Ford. Ever since he introduced the hugely successful Model T in 1908, there has been no looking back. Ford Motor Co has been in the car industry for over a century and it one the largest sellers of cars in the world. Some of the cars produced by Ford Motor Co are the stuff of a legend. A Mustang is perhaps the most prized possession of an American today.

As we know, Americans love their cars and Henry Ford managed to fulfil their dreams. He launched some of the most popular cars to date: From Model T (1908), Model A (1928), Thunderbird (1955), Mustang (1964), GT40 (1964) to luxury Lincolns and Continentals. As early as 1913 he introduced assembly line method of mass production, and in 1932, the V-8 engine. In between 1989 to the present, Ford Motor Co either acquired or bought a stack in Jaguar, Volvo, Aston Martin, Land Rover and Mazda.

Besides cars and SUVs, Ford also manufactures trucks, tractors as well as parts and accessories. Today, every third car is a Ford. With so vast a dominance on the automobile industry, no doubt Ford cars are hugely popular all over the world and Ford car parts are always in demand.

A typical modern automobile consist of about 14,000 parts and you may never know when you will need which part. Ford Motor Co has a worldwide network of dealers in almost all major cities of the world. A Ford parts dealer assures certified, genuine goods in company’s packing. With facilities like the internet, sourcing and ordering Ford car parts shouldn’t pose any problems. Still, certain fast wearing parts like bearings, rods, cranks, gaskets and accessories are always in demand and may be in short supply, so order those in advance.

Make sure to look for the nearest Ford dealer on the internet before ordering to save on shipping and other charges. Also make sure to buy car parts and accessories from Ford authorised dealers for genuine items, as fake and sub-standard parts may be available at cheaper rates in grey market. As a specialist in car mechanics, the present author has a firsthand experience of testing fake car parts with mixed results. Well, sometimes even fake parts work but that is no reason to buy them. There is nothing like the original.

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