Sourcing Reliable Market Data Feeds

By: Mario Watson

Market data is, essentially, price data. It is trade-related data encompassing stocks, currency, financial derivatives, commodities, and several other financial investment instruments. It is this data that market traders use to analyze and make buy or sell decisions. The information can be used ďon the spotĒ to make an immediate decision, but it is also often used to identify trends over time by looking at historical data. Identifying these trends as way to predict future price movement is, for most traders, a crucial part of their strategy. But it canít be done well without good data.

Finding a reliable, accurate, and timely market data feed can be tricky, both for individuals and for companies who would like to feature them on their web sites or use them in their applications or software. If you are on the hunt for a reliable market data feed for your business, here are a few features to look for to ensure youíre getting the best data:

1. A wide range of market data sources. Does the market data feed include futures, commodities, index, equity, and foreign exchange markets?
2. Data output options. You may be interested in real time, delayed, or end of day feeds. Maybe you want historical data feeds. Make sure the feeds you want are offered.
3. Compatible formats. How do you need the market data feed delivered? There is a wide range of delivery methods, including streaming, query/response, .NET, CSV, JAVA, or XML. Make sure you select a service in a format thatís compatible for your use.

Market data is complex in terms of technology and functionality and most often should be managed by a company or a professional with substantial experience. These companies can handle a variety of related issues such as contract management, reporting, budgeting, permissioning, and more.

Barchart is one such company that provides market data to a wide range of businesses. The feeds can be delivered as streaming feeds or as an on-demand query/response service. They are also available via XML, CSV, Java, and .NET formats. Sourced from leading exchanges, data feeds offered include real-time or delayed data. In addition, Barchart is a trusted name in this service area, with many years of experience and a proven track record for reliable data. If you would like to learn more about the services and products available from Barchart, you can visit the company online at its informative web site

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