Sonic The Hedgehog- The Superhero Who Rules The Gaming World

By: Gen Wright

Even 18 years after its release, Sonic the Hedgehog is as popular as it was when it first took the gaming industry by storm. This famous superhero, which can run faster than sound and fight enemies at lightening fast speeds, was first introduced in 1991. A time when the gaming world was ruled by other famous characters like Mario and Donkey Kong. However, Sonic outscored all these heroes to create a special place for itself in the hearts of game and comic book followers. With Sonic games becoming available online, the popularity of the character as well as the game series he represents has reached new levels of popularity.

The introduction of Sonic the Hedgehog was undoubtedly the most revolutionary event in the history of video games. Sega Corporation, which has been a leader in the gaming industry, will always be remembered for unleashing a new era of gaming with the introduction of Sonic games. The immense popularity of the character, his friends and enemies gave an insight into how a simple animated character could transform the concept of fighting evil. It inspired numerous video game creators into constantly developing newer and better games and characters in an attempt to earn the credit for creating another popular superhero like Sonic.

However, despite its popularity, not many people are aware about the origins of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic was basically a hedgehog named Sony, who was born in a poor family in the town of Hardly in Nebraska. His father died in an accident when he was just a couple of days old. Having spent its early days in much poverty, this cute little character was taken in by a Dr. Kintobor at a very young age. Dr. Kintobor was kind hearted scientist who wanted to rid the world of all the evils by entrapping them in seven Emeralds, through a specially designed treadmill. It was during this process that one day Sony caused a massive explosion by running too fast on the treadmill, which resulted in not only changing his color from brown to blue but also in granting him with some special powers as well.

Sonic games have never ceased to mesmerize millions of players across the world. Young and adults alike are addicted to the action packed episodes in the series. The ease of use of game play featured in the Sonic games available online has enabled millions of new fans to enjoy the fun and adventure, everyday without having to buy the game. The primary difference between online sonic games and the console are the use of more sophisticated controls, which allow for a much more enticing experience. Of course this added value is not without a price.

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