Sometimes Mom Needs a Doctorís Excuse

By: Gen Wright

To stay at home with the children is sometimes the only choice a mother has. She isnít also sick and doesnít need a doctor note for herself. Her child does not have a medical reason for her missing work either.

Sometimes a working mother has to be absent because of something happening with her children. If the mother works for a company that demands written doctors excuses from their employees for any absence, then the mother could have a serious problem. The problem is that she doesnít actually need a doctorís excuse. She is not sick. She has the problem that Little Johnny has just begun first grade and he had a very bad day at school the day before. He is now very scared to go to school and she must go to the teacher and find out what has happened. She needs to get this resolved.

Unfortunately, the school is not going to give her an authentic doctors excuse. They are not going to print out a form that she can take to her boss excusing her from work. They are going to talk to her about little Johnny. Then she is going to take her son back home and work out the problem so he can go to school the next day and she can go back to work. Now if she walks into her office and tells her boss that she does not have a doctorís excuse for missing work, she could be the next one to have a problem.

Her problem will be that without that authentic doctors excuse, her boss could very possibly tell her she no longer has a job. This is because she works in a company that does not allow employee absence unless excused by a doctor or other medical practitioner. What is this mother supposed to do? She doesnít have a form signed by her doctor. No slip to give to her boss.

Hereís one example of what she can do. Instead of trying to swing by a clinic to see if they will say she was a patient, even though she was not: She can go online and look for an online store or website that offers fake doctors sick note. It may not be the hospital doctors excuse that there is no way her boss could refuse, but it may just do the trick. She just has to look around at a few of the sites to find the sample that has the best doctors note template that she can download. It is important that she makes sure she gets a downloadable template. Then all she has to do is print it, copy it, and fill in every blank. Really, it is just a simple matter of following the instructions to create the sick doctor note. Then she just turns the form into her boss and he accepts the doctorís excuse.

Now if she does this, she was able to solve the problem of Little Johnny and also the problem of her boss.

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