Some healthy steps to cure arthritis

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

This disease is not only restricted to limbs, but it also expands and affects the immune system. For this reason, it is also known as ‘auto-immune disease’ which results in eccentric growth of body tissues, as well as organs. It even changes the organ functions.

This disease, if not treated properly, can prove to be fatal. There are plenty of physician prescribed drugs, but sometimes these drugs can result in undesirable side effects. However, there are a few healthy treatment processes, which can cure this disease without any side effects. The food habits have a direct connection with this disease, where few foods can worsen the patient’s condition and others can provide relief.

Natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis:

There are plenty of processes, which can temporarily cure the arthritis patients, like heat pads, acupuncture, magnet treatment or natural supplements, but some of the simple and healthy ways are:

• Hot and cold compress: Cold and hot compression has a significant effect on rheumatoid arthritis. Cold compression is effective in swelling and inflammation. You can place ice-pack for 15 minutes and give a break for 30 minutes at least.

Hot bag can be placed on the painful and inflamed joints. Heat therapy works good to reduce the inflammation and regulate the blood flow. You can use warm damp towel for the same. Do not heat it up much, as it can cause burns. Hot shower bathing also serves the purpose.

• Hot pepper: Hot pepper contains an element known as ‘capsaicin’. This element is extremely healthy and reduces the pain, when it is rubbed on the inflamed portion of the joints. Initially it increases the sensation, but gradually it lessens the pain. This ingredient acts on the nerves and reduces the pain.

• Turmeric: Turmeric is usually used while cooking. Raw turmeric contains an element known as ‘curcumin’. This curcumin has anti-inflammatory property and has enough health benefits. It is advisable to consume more amount of turmeric to get relief from rheumatoid arthritis. Along with swelling6 and inflammation, it also reduces pain. You can add turmeric in soups, chicken or egg. Try to add turmeric as a compulsory ingredient in your diet.

• Herbs: Herbs have shown effectiveness in curing arthritis in a healthy way. Herbs, like Valerian, have a great pain healing property. It strikes off the stiffness of the muscles and reduces pain. Ginger, boswellia and many more herbs are known for curing arthritis. In ancient times herbs were used primarily to treat this kind of diseases.

• Natural diet: There is no harm in fasting. Fasting is at times healthy for body as it reduces the chances of arthritis and normalizes body demands. Avoid red meat and dairy products. Take vegetable soups and fruits as much as possible. Researches have proved that cold water fish can reduce inflammation, so it will be good to include cold water fish in your diet. If you follow a proper diet chart, then you can minimize the risk up to a certain level and partially cure arthritis.

Arthritis is very painful. Besides following these healthy methods, you can also use conventional processes to treat this disease. Joint exercises can also help to cure it up to a certain level.

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