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The hair of the humans has gained remarkable attention throughout the ages. It has close linkage with the fashion statement of a human being. Styling up the hair in various fashions has been the main concern of every fashion conscious people since the very beginning of civilization. Also did different civilizations and cultures shown different traits of styling the hair. Here in this article we shall discuss about this very matter and shall discuss about the various fashion trends of various civilizations from the past. It is an interesting fact that different hairstyles show different cultures of various civilizations. From the very beginning when men got the taste of civilization people are concerned about styling up their hair. We can even find signs of hair styling in the ice age.

Talking about hair styling and ancient civilizations the first name that always comes in mind is obviously the Egypt. The Egyptians were well known for their attention to beauty and cleanliness. Therefore it is obvious that they should also have their style of making up their hair. Decorating the hair was quite a common custom among the Egyptians. They used combs and hairpins since about the 4th century B.C. Egyptians had a craze for having thick hair and it was considered as a great styling therefore for that reason they often used hair extensions and wigs made of real hair and sheep’s wool. They even dyed their hair and wig in a variety of colors, with blues, greens, blondes and gold being among their favored choices. They often had their head shaved for better comfort in the heat of their climate and also to avoid lice problem and used wigs instead of having hair. They also used gold ornaments and ivory hairpins for their hair.

Besides the Egyptian people from the ancient Greece had also their own fashion of styling their hair. The hair of the women were often long and pulled back into a chignon. Many of them died their hair with henna and sprinkled gold powder on them. They were often seen to be having decorations of flower on their head. Hairdressing was much popular to the Grecians and the upper class people were often attended by slaves of they visit public barber shops for dressing their hair. Men had their hair curled tight and piled high on the head often shaped around wire frames.

Hairdressing was also popular in Rome. People from the upper class society had their hair dressed up attended by slaves or even attended public shops for doing so. They used false hairpieces to make the hair look thicker and longer. Roman women wore their hair up, in carefully arranged styles, held up with jeweled hairpins. Sometimes they also wore it down, curled in ringlets.

In Israel and other parts of the Middle East, women often kept their hair covered by fabric draped about the face like a hood. Hairstyles in the Middle East and elsewhere, in fact held deeper significance. Some cultures considered women's long hair to be provocative that it had to be covered up or controlled in tight braids, rolls or curls.

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