Some facts about Shingles and its treatment

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Shingles is a kind of skin disorder which creates pain, rash and patches on the skin. It is generally caused by the virus called as Varicella zoster- the same virus which causes chicken pox disease. The disease usually appears in a strip, band and on one side area of the body or face. The disease is medically termed as the herpes zoster.

Who gets Shingles?

Shingles is mostly found in adults (usually in older age) and people who have very weak immune systems. This disorder also causes due to tress, allergy with certain medicines, injury and other major reasons. People who suffer from this ailment can get better from medicines and not get it in the future. In most of the cases, the virus stays in dormant stage forever.

What causes shingles?

The disease occurs when the virus Varicella zoster attacks again in the body after chicken pox disease. After a person gets better from the chickenpox, the virus goes in dormant stage (in sleeping stage) and remains same in the nerve root whereas in some cases, the virus called as Varicella zoster "wakes up" due to weak immune system, stress and injury. Some medicines also activate the virus to wake up and cause this rash problem. A person with shingle disorder has least possibility to spread the virus to another person, but the virus may spread to another person who has not gotten the vaccine of Chicken pox disease and has hadnít this viral disease ever.

Diagnosis of Shingles

Doctors usually identify this disease when rashes appear on the skin. If the diagnosis is not clear for shingles, doctors advise for the lab test. The most common test is called as herpes tests.


A person suffering from shingles disease may face headache problem and become sensitive to light also. Later, they may feel flu like symptoms, but it is not exactly the flu. After some time, they may feel itching, irritation and pain in a specific area of the body. They may also feel weakness and dizziness.

How is shingles treated in an effective way?

Shingles is treated with antiviral medicines and sometimes some medicines are also advised to remove the pain. Antiviral medicines help to get away the irritation and rashes problem on the skin. Some of the antiviral drugs like acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir are used to diminish the harshness of this skin rash. Some of the home remedies are also useful in treating this disease like a patient may use lotions and creams which give soothing effects on the rashes. Patients can take a regular bath to make their skin clean and dry. An aluminum acetate solution is also useful for the oozing problem.


Shingles is a type of skin disorder which is usually treated by anti viral medicines. Patients can use some useful home remedies also like they can use aluminum acetate solution and baking soda on the affected areas to soothe the rash problem.

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