Some Tools and Tips for Newbie’s Internet Marketing

By: Maheshh Kumarrsept

Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing. My purpose in writing this article is to share with you a few tools and tips for the new online marketer, some mistakes to avoid making, and some helpful links to get you started on your business. Myth on Online Marketing Many people who read testimonials of successful Internet Marketers often think or imagine Making Money Online is as easy as it sounds. Well, not quite. It’s not quite as easy as slapping up a website and waiting for the money to roll in. It’s not impossible but uncommon and only if you focus on the right strategies that work to make this a reality. You Don’t Need a Website You do not necessarily need to own a website to be able to start an Online Business. You just need a Virtual Store in which you can direct traffic to this site that you are an affiliate for and are promoting its product. You receive a commission from the product creator each time someone visits your site and purchases the product. Your strategy therefore is finding a hungry crowd to this product you offer. For more details go to .More visits translate to more purchases, which ultimately bring in cash for you. One of the best places to look for affiliate products is a site called Click bank. Using a URL Clocker One option of hiding your raw affiliate link is using a URL clocker. A good option is Tiny URL, which helps you transform your raw affiliate link into a “masked” URL. This ensures your affiliate ID is not compromised each time you use an affiliate link in your business and thus protects your hard earned affiliate commission. PPC Marketing PPC stands for “Pay per Click” and is one good way to generate traffic into the website you are promoting. Google’s Adwords program is one of the most successful PPC engines. You buy ads from Google by writing an ad and bidding on keywords to determine how much you will pay when someone clicks your ad. This is a powerful tool to advertise your product or webpage to millions of people who access the Internet at very low bid prices. There are lots of Money Making potential here but on the same breath, it is also a quick way to lose money too if you are not careful. My suggestion is to do a little research first in finding a niche to target and find out what people are searching for in search engines. Stay focused and make sure that your keywords you selected are well targeted to this niche. You also have to monitor your ads campaign very closely and make necessary changes to your list of keywords where necessary. For more information logon to .You definitely don’t want to pay more advertising costs than the sales proceeds you are generating. One important thing newbie’s sometimes fail to check is to ensure that your affiliate ID is reflected correctly when placing a PPC ad. You can do this by clicking the “Download” or “Order” page and test to see if your unique affiliate ID appears at the page bottom. Otherwise it’s free advertisement for your product creator at your own expense. Stay Focused to Your Dream As you can see there are quite a few simple yet important things to look out for when starting a new business. If you are building a business from the ground up - this always takes time. If you are on a low budget, you may want to cut back on expenses if you have to, until you gain some momentum and set yourself small achievable goals first. You should stay focused in the strategies that you develop over time and stay committed to your dream. The rewards will be worth all this work that you are now investing.

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