Some Suggestions for Women When They Choose Underwear

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We all know that underwear is the closest clothing to the body; first of all we should pay attention to cleanliness. Dirt not only means not clean, it will have an effect on the fabric of ventilation, moisture and softness, thus causing damage to fabric. According to women's unique physical characteristics, experts suggest that women who are in a choice of underwear should pay more attention to the following three suggestions what should not be done. If you have no idea about these suggestions, you had better read them before you make your mind to buy some underwear.

1. Should not wear tight underpants
The vagina, mouth, urethra and anus are very close to the underwear which you are wearing. If the underwear is too tight, as a result, it is easy and frequent to have a friction with vulva, anus, urethra, so that the dirt in the region (mostly anal Door, vaginal secretions) with the bacteria will go into the vagina or the urethra, as a matter of fact, it will cause urinary system or reproductive system infection. There are some tips here to tell you how to tell whether you are infected. You can do these tips by examine your emiction. On the first hand, "Look", observe the vaginal discharge; On the second hand, "Hear," Oh secretions, blood or genital emit odor; On the third hand, "Touch" should be the normal feeling smooth and soft.

2. Should not be wearing a dark-colored underwear
If you are a female, and you are suffering from vaginitis reproductive system tumors, leucorrhea become turbid, and even with a red, yellow, these are signals of disease. If you can find early and have a treatment to these phenomena early, you can get a better effect. If you wear dark or too flower pattern underwear, lesions of leucorrhea was found can not be timely, it could delay the disease. So if you are much care of the health of yourself, you had better not wear these dark-colored and too flower pattern underwear.

3. Should not wear synthetic underwear
There is a possibility that your family is poor and you will buy some synthetic underwear. Despite the price is cheap, but the permeability and moisture absorption are poor as well, and there is not good for the organization of metabolism perineum. Coupled with leucorrhea and perineal gland secretions non volatile, it will make their vulva wet all day. This warm and moist environment is conducive to bacteria growth and reproduction, and in this way it easily causes genital or vaginal inflammation.

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