Some Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Job-Hunting

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Graduating from college may be the end of formal education for a lot of people, but it's when a big reality check faces the graduate: he has to get a job. Well, there are those who don't necessarily need to get a job immediately after finishing school. But for most individuals, they need to get a job right away, especially those who need to pay their college loans.

Looking for a job can become a very frustrating undertaking for some. They may not be able to get work right away for various reasons - from not meeting some qualifications or because certain jobs pay too low. This can often make the applicant have a low self-esteem.

To keep your chances high so you can become part of the workforce soon, here are a few things you should avoid:

Don't limit your options - You may have an ideal job in mind, but that doesn't mean you won't browse for jobs that are not exactly what you've dreamed of having after graduating. Just keep submitting applications everywhere so you can increase the likelihood of landing an interview. Who knows, the job you get may lead to that dream job in the future.

Don't be too picky - This reinforces the first thing you should avoid. If you're an entry-level applicant, meaning it's the first time you're applying for a job, you shouldn't be too choosy when jobs are very hard to find. There are those who don't entertain the idea of getting into a career that has nothing to do with the course they took in college. However, with a very uncertain economic climate, it may take you years to get a job that's related to your college degree. The idea is to start with something so you can also start earning.

Don't make a generic objective in your resume - The reason why certain resumes are not viewed by some employers or HR managers is simply because the job objective is too generic. Try to have a job objective that is as targeted as it can be to the specific position you're applying for. Avoid common and generic lines like 'to be part of an organization using my skills.' For example, if you're applying as a Flight Attendant, you can have a targeted objective that says, 'To be part of the exciting airline industry as a Flight Attendant where my excellent communication and hospitality skills and passion for serving people will be fully utilized.'

Don't forget to check your email - If you've included your email address in your resume, you should make it a habit to check your email to see if you have a message from the companies you've applied at. Missing a scheduled interview means more than just missing a chance to potentially land a job. Some companies also blacklist applicants who fail to attend job interviews.

These are some of the biggest 'don'ts' when it comes to increasing your chances of landing a job. Always have a positive attitude and that never-give-up spirit and just keep on with your job hunting. That first job may just be around the corner waiting (log on to if you're looking for IT jobs in Australia).

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