Some Household Cleaning Tips

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If your floors could talk, what would they say After all, they are walked on, dropped on, dripped on, spilled on they live through it all. What do you think they would say Basic house cleaning must include attention to your floors or your cleaning efforts elsewhere will seem that much less rewarding. There is nothing complicated about keeping your floors clean. Follow these general household cleaning tips, and both you and your floors will be happier you did.

Multi Floor Cleaners

At least once a month, your floors need to see the light of day through the haze of dirt that has built up on them. Using a simple, earth friendly floor cleaner FULLER Multi Floor Cleaner will do the trick to return your floors to their naturally shiny state. But be sure to check the cleaners label for words like biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Earth friendly products are preferable because they will not hurt the environment and will not cause problems in sewage systems. Its just the responsible thing to do. Multi Floor cleaners are safe to use on most floors including hardwood, linoleum, tiles, marble, vinyl, and many others. They are gentle cleaners that leave no residue behind. Just spray onto your floor and pass a damp mop to clean away all visible traces of dirt, grease, and grime. Easy and quick.

When You Need To Mop

Spot cleaning is always advisable when it comes to maintaining your floors cleanliness. Best to wipe up a spill immediately before it has a chance to dry and becomes a sticky, dirt attracting mar on your floor. But passing a damp mop once a week is the simplest way to keep built up dirt in check.

Standard mops designed with at least 4 ply, 100 cotton strands FULLER Wet Mop are still considered the best for absorbing water as well as for cleaning surface dirt from your floors. To maintain the life of your mop though, be sure to hang it away from all surfaces so that it is allowed to air dry properly. This will avoid the problem of mildew growth.

When A Quick Sweep Will Do

Once a day, if time allows, a quick sweep will do to keep your floors from crunching under your feet. Sweep up food crumbs, hair, pet fur, and other visible dirt particles with a lightweight, easy to use broom FULLER Kitchen Broom. Brooms with split end bristles are known to be the best at picking up the most amount of dirt in a single sweep.

Do your best to sweep under counters, tables, and in corners. These are the places dirt loves to run and hide in. When you feel the time has come, though, to move the furniture away from the walls and attack what lies underneath, it would be more efficient to forego even the best broom and pull out the vacuum cleaner.

Clean floors are paramount when it comes to maintaining household cleanliness and health. Once a floor is thoroughly clean, maintenance becomes quick and easy. And if your floors could talk, they would say thank you.

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