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An airsoft handgun can provide a great deal of enjoyment as a paintball shooting novelty item. Well, perhaps “novelty item” is a phrase that can be somewhat derogatory. While there is certain intrinsic novelty kitsch to an airsoft handgun, the fact remains that the airsoft handgun allows for a unique twist in the game of paintball. The reason for this is because the airsoft hand gun changes the range of the game, requiring participants to get very close to one another and eliminating the long range capabilities that the rifle versions of these guns can involve a significant distance.

Also, many airsoft hand guns only fire single shots. This means that there must be a higher level of accuracy involved that one would require in the case of multiple shots. Again, this may necessitate the closing of distance and range so as to make an accurate shot. It is possible to make a shot from a further range, but occasionally it is not possible to make a shot from a distance when using an airsoft hand gun. This proximity of the exchange of fire seriously changes the dynamics of the game.

The Psychological Factors of Close Range Combat

the closing of the proximity changes the psychological factors involved with the paintball game, which exists when medium range or long distance is employed. There is a greater sense of detachment when one is firing from far away. When the distance becomes smaller, that detachment dissipates and there is a heightened level of intimacy that will be employed.

For many people, this becomes difficult to handle and they end up choking when it becomes time to make a clear shot. The reason for this is that there is a heightened sense of emotion when the combatants enter a closer proximity. Many people, even long time players of airsoft hand gun paint ball may choke under such circumstances become they feel uneasy being that close to an opponent.

If there is a way to improve one’s ability to shoot from close range, it is hard to define. The reason that it is hard to define is because it all depends on the individual’s ability to adapt to a close proximity environment, and if uneasiness in that range is difficult or not difficult to overcome. It is almost like the severity of the game becomes more obvious and that there is a sense of no turning back from it.

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