Solve Your Financial Crisis With a Debt Advisor

By: William Blake

Just about everyone knows what it is like to find themselves in debt, hounded by debt collectors. While a common approach it just to try to avoid the collectors, the best course of action is to seek help. By hiring the services of a good debt counselor, you will be able to restore your economic stability.
These services negotiate with your creditors, get discounts, obtain late-fee waivers etc. They also consolidate all your debt into a single unit, so that you make one payment a month instead of several. Also, this payment is made to the debt reduction company which then pays the creditors.
If you've ever been harassed by debt collectors, you will be happy to know that their unpleasant phone calls or letters will end when you seek the help of a debt counselor. You will however, harm your credit score in the process as you show that you a clearly a credit risk.
When weighing the pros and cons, however, you will surely prefer this over constant problems paying your bills. Since your seeking help is a sign of honesty and a desire to pay back what your owe instead of simply declaring bankruptcy, which is very important to lenders, they are usually willing to cut you some slack.
Such debt counseling agencies do charge for their services. For serving as the middleman, as it were, they usually charge up to ten percent of your payment to them each month . They may also take advantage of any type of reimbursement from your lenders.
Caution should be exercised, however, as not all counselors really have what's best for you on their agenda. Some have even been known to coerce their clients into making larger payments each month only to receive additional money from your lenders for the increased EMI.
It is also important to educate yourself as to what happens if you are unable to make a payment, as your seeking their help denotes a problem in paying your bills on time. Be sure that the agency you choose is affiliated with either the National Foundation for Credit Counseling or the Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies. Such companies will not be fraudulent or dishonest in their business practices.
All of the help you receive from a debt counselor will be for nought if you don't learn to exercise some spending restraint. Unless you do so, you will quickly find yourself back in debt.

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