Solve Problems with Mind Mapping

By: Sam Sander

Problems are a day to day part of life. Whether it's solving the problem of juggling the daily family schedule or dealing with the latest disaster at work, big or small there is always a problem somewhere that demands your attention and focus.

Fortunately there are many different techniques you can use to solve problems. You've probably heard of the SWOT analysis method for solving problems where you identity the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for a particular problem and solution options.

The SWOT analysis method is widely used in a business setting, but is just as useful for solving problems closer to home, where you need to analyze your self and your problems to come up with the right answers and help you move forward to success and happiness.

The SWOT method is particularly useful since it helps you to discover the hidden opportunities to be tapped and the threats to be counteracted, using your identified strengths to your advantage.

But in a traditional SWOT analysis, the details are listed under each heading. If you know anything about Mind Mapping, you'll remember that the limitation in traditional note taking and list writing is in its linear format. So imagine how powerful a SWOT analysis combined with a Mind Map can be in solving your problems.

So rather than using long sentences and lists to document your SWOT analysis, a Mind Map uses non-linear methods of key words for subjects and sub-topics of your SWOT. Mind Mapping helps you go from one SWOT aspect to another quickly and efficiently. All the relevant details for each component can be jotted down as key words as each of them are explored to their full extent. In this way, your brain is given the ability to flow freely without interruption and without the structure enforced by sticking to a list.

And as Mind Maps also create connections between topics, previously unseen relationships become clear, and it is from these relationships that the solution to your problem will become clear.

So Mind Mapping goes beyond a conventional SWOT analysis by showing linkages and also allowing you to see the whole problem in a single glance.

Mind Maps are a great way to solve problems by allowing you to explore them in depth and ultimately find the right solution. And mind maps are useful for many other applications such as time management, decision making, creativity and note taking. So learn how to mind map and let the power of your mind rule your world.

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