Soap For The Day

By: Sean Glynn

Soap is made up of lard and we have fat. Sometimes we have rough bobbly skin that could practically sand down wood. Soap can be made with little jojoba beads which helps exfoliate our skin thus smoothing the surface. It comes in different colours like us; even the extravagant ones like purple, sometimes people's circulation can give them a blotchy purple look to their skin or if we get cold we glow purple, like raving "glow in the dark" sticks. Its ingredients act like our family trees tracing all over the world back to where we are today.

Imagine being a type of soap for a day, being slowly squelched out of a dispenser for the one purpose of ensuring cleanliness and the eliminating of bacteria. I suppose in a way being soap if just like being human you are born whole but slowly over time after what happens to you bits of you are just used up.

Everyone has their own smell, we all know that, they even made a film about the importance of people's smells. 'Perfume: The Story of a Murderer' where he killed just to possess people's smells. A little creepy yes, but still the fact that we all have our own smells is just like soap. There's the good smell like my favourite honey and milk to the overpowering scent like when people wear too much perfume causing your nostrils to physically feel like they're burning! Of course all scents depends on a person own personal opinion. The more expensive soap dispensers always seem to be the more natural smells like lavender or fresh floral scents. Why is it that the value range of soaps seem to smell much more chemically? Is it that which makes them so much cheaper? Are people like that? Those defined as the 'cheaper' range do they have a more man-made chemical smell? Personally I think that may be our first major difference between man and soap!

The first thing we'd experience as soap is like being born, our wrapping is opened and we are set on the side to complete our task keeping hands clean! Obviously life is a little more complicated for humans than just simply being there to keep us clean. I imagine it would be a pretty lonely existence unless it was like 'Toy Story' where everything else like the soap would come alive. Imagine a face wash and shaving foam having to put aside their differences like Buzz and Woody just to try and make it back home. Of course there is always the fear of 'running out'. Something I'm sure humans can relate to soap about the fear of the unknown. Maybe we can think of a happier note for the soap dispenser cases, being thrown out going to a landfill site and living the rest of their life happily in the company of the other rubbish. Of course the soap itself, would have been up just like the bar soap. Perhaps this idea is a little too much like 'Toy Story' as the Toys fear they will be thrown away or worse forgotten. What if in everyday life we could relate to something as simply as soap dispensers. Maybe it would help us appreciate the littler things and see the bigger picture enabling us to enjoy the best parts of the day.

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By Sean Glynn (soap | soaps) Self appointed expert on soap.

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