Sneaky Ways to Get your Ex Back

By: Andyl Bergerl

Playing dirty can do the trick if you want your ex back in your life. Getting back with you may be the least of their priorities, but you have been contemplating about it. Subtlety is the key whenever you bump into them one of these days. They wouldn't have a single clue about what you are up to.
When a relationship didn't work, there is always one party holding on. They always try to mend what was broken and start anew. In this case, it may be true for you.
Do things that make is look like you are ready to move on and that you aren't trying to get an ex back. Have fun. Go out with friends and have a blast. Don't try and rub their nose in it. Be obvious to their friends, though, that you are going out and having fun. Word will get back to them that you are back and if you are moving forward faster than what they are, it might bother them.
When the two of you do talk, don't fill their head with all these things that you are doing. Just let them know that you are happy. It will be easy to try and make them feel jealous. This may happen anyway. Try and make it seem like their life is worth being happy about as well.
It may not seem much now but you will surely work to your advantage one of these days. You will come across as an emotionally mature person, a quality people look for in a relationship. They will likely depend on you for some good advice.
Take things slow. Don't let them know that all you can think about is getting back together. Let a few weeks pass before you get in touch with them again. Act like an old friend trying to get in touch.
Pay attention to them when they talk. Show them that you are interest in what they have to say. People are drawn to good listeners. They might be pleasantly surprised about this and soon realize that they need you back in their life.
These are suggestions when you want to get your ex back. You may have pursued them at first, but in the end they will end up wanting you back. The best way to get your ex back is make them want to be with you again.

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