Snapper Season Is On Its Way!

By: Kate Hudson

It is very exciting to catch your own fish right from the waiting to the tugging of bait, the struggle and finally heaving it up on board. Many fish lovers simply cannot contain their excitement when fishing season draws and they religiously prepare their boats, bait and fishing tools. If you are an expert fisher or going at it for the first time in Port Phillip Bay, one of the fish that provides a definite thrill and fishing experience worth remembering is the snapper. The snapper, commonly known by fishing lovers in the region as the Big, is found all year round so you can choose anytime of the year to have your fishing experience. However, the red tide is between the months of October to April when a huge bounty can be caught.

The Red Tide

The red tide is a phrase referring to the season that marks the flow of snappers. They begin slowly with a few trickling in, until at the peak of the season, (October to December) when thousands flow massively into Port Phillip using the Rip. The snapper migration not only provides a good catch for many of fishers but is also an event worth watching on its own. The mystery of the red tide is that it is unknown to many where this spectacular fish hides during winter but you are sure to find them flowing into the Port Phillip in schools. It is also not conclusive the reason for their vast migration as insufficient evidence can claim it to be for breeding or other reasons. They also follow a definite path each time they come to Port Phillip, adding to the mystery of the red tide. The mystery behind them makes them a more interesting catch. Get your fishing tools and get ready to have big red to your catch.

Fishing that Snapper

Those ambitious for a big catch should do their fishing in deeper waters and at night when snappers feed closer to the water surface. However, it might take time to spot a feeding area but once you locate one get ready for a big catch as they move in schools. Also, get ready for quite a struggle, as they do not give in easily. Get a firm line and securely attach your bait. The advantage with snapper s is they will eat almost anything so you get a wide variety of bait you can choose.

Those ardent on fishing snappers will advocate for use of a squid head, but you can choose cuttlefish, pilchards, salmons, octopus and silver whiting for bait. Do not be deceived to think that the battle ends with getting it on the boat. Ensure you net it properly to avoid it getting back into the water. Use one with a firm large mouth and a long handle to give you advantage over the strength of fish and condition of the water. Always net it with it on its side.

Any angler echoes the Boy Scout in being prepared with the proper rod set and the burley and awaiting the snapper. Maybe this is the season you will bait that twenty-pound Big Red and get stories to tell until you grow old on top of a hearty snapper meal.

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Really enjoyed the Blue Fin charter last week with skipper Steve! But Snapper Fishing in Port Phillip Bay is coming up soon and I can't wait. Great charter and we caught some big ones!

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