Smoking to Lose Some Weight?

By: DiDo

It is quite a far-back custom to smoke for weight loss and it remounts to the early interpretation of nicotine as a
suppressant of hunger.

Pre columbian Native Americans as well as Europeans from the Old World coupled tobacco smoking with suppression of appetite. And in human contemporary society nicotine alkaloid has finally been demonstrated to have the suppression of appetite result - it can lower appetite and affects eating likings of an individual. The thing that smoking affects weight and smokers often put on weight after giving up their predilection has for a long period of time been known, but medical men just recently have touched the bottom of these mechanisms. To the present moment it was supposed that the slowdown of fats and carbohydrates utilization, of metabolism happens in any organism of former smoker. However it came to light that it is quite a different story.

Researchers have ascertained that cigarette smoking stimulates chemical behaviors that increase the action of a specific AZGP1 gene which promotes the breakdown of fats in the body of a smoker. So in the issue having desisted from smoking an individual minces the function of AZGP1 gene, metabolism balance of the organism starts changing to the advantage of adipose tissues which causes enlargement of fat, and it is of no importance whether the man who has desisted from smoking used cheap cigarettes or expensive ones.

In addition, researchers acknowledge that men who desisted from smoking begin to consume more food which gives an additional load to other subsystems participating in the process of fat burning and they just are not able to utilize all the incoming fat. Researchers have noticed that the more cigarettes man smoked a day, the more heaviness he will probably gain as a result of giving up. The one who refused from smoking 2 bundles of cigs a day may probably gain more than that individual who gave up smoking one pack of cigarettes per day.

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