Smoking kills

By: Max Luke

It might take 10 years or 30 years, but in the end, there is no question that your lungs will become severely affected. There are just too many disadvantages associated with smoking.

It is reported that about 400,000 people die every year in the United States as are result of illnesses triggered by the fumes of ciggarettes. More than 90 percent of all lung cancer deaths are attributed to regular smoking. Other forms of cancer such as cancer of the larynx, oral cavity, bladder, pancreas and kidney are also linked to a life style of smoking.

Whilst most of these effects are only evident in the long term, smoking leaves behind some immediate side effects. For instance, smokers quickly develop stains on their fingers and teeth. The arteries in the body have been found to suffer from constriction because of the presence of nicotine, this causes a lowering of the body temperature. The body is also put through a mild attack of Carbon Mono oxide poisoning every time smoking is done.

Sadly, the risk of smoking is not only limited to smokers. It is also known to affect non smokers as well. Reports from the United Environmental Protection agency, have indicated that that unintentional smoking (the inhalation of smoke by people next to smoker) is the reason behind about 35,000 deaths each year. It is also known to increase the incidences of asthma attacks, as well as aggravate conditions such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

The advantages of quitting smoking are obvious; smokers are able to effectively reduce the risk of them developing potentially fatal diseases. Even more advantages that can be found with quitting smoking are more money saved, reduced health insurance premiums and generally improved social standing.

Unfortunately, because nicotine is very addictive, many smokers find it difficult to quit. The process however can be done assisted along with a number of methods.

Some of the tools used by intended quitters are Nicotine patches and Nicotine gums. This satiates the body's need for nicotine without the person having to go through the process of smoking. These substitutes can be dropped as the dependence wears off.

Some other methods include Nicotine nasal spray and inhalers.

People who are trying to quit smoking are often advised to seek help with social groups. The group is further strengthened by the presence of people who have successfully quit smoking. New comers are thus strengthened by the testimonies of success stories. They should also avoid-as much as possible-hanging around people who still have an active smoking lifestyle.

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