Smart suggestions to get that perfect tan

By: Garya Smith

Smart suggestions to get that perfect tan
In today's time the trend of tanning is integral in the beauty world. Having a tan is symbol of beauty nowadays. If you thought that tanning can come simply to any one by simply lying in the sun, then you are wrong. It's far difficult to get a tan than it is normally presumed. Some people get an uneven tan. Some might just have to satisfy themselves with a light tan while others get third degree burns. To get that that perfect tanning at par with the Hollywood looks, simply follow the following tips.
Start with smaller sessions. You want to work on your skin in order to achieve that golden glow. As you commence with tanning, start by short sessions, each not lasting more than ten minutes. Go in for 2 such sessions in a day. As you proceed, you can go increasing the period of each session. There are some people who lie for hours in the sun in their first attempt to tanning. This doesn't help as the body is not prepared for tanning. Condition your skin to develop the tan with short sessions.
The following critical thing is usage of a sunscreen. Ensure that you use a suntan lotion in the tanning session. It may sound weird to several as sunscreens are thought to be preventative measure for tanning of skin. This is however a particularly common and widespread myth about sunscreens. The reality is contrary to what has traditionally been projected. The radiations that a sunscreen blocks, is different from the radiations which actually causes tanning. This is the probably the reason that many famous brands are coming out with range of special sunscreens that can help to improve the natural tanning effect.
Before you head out in the sun, make sure that you clean it with a good soap. Avoid using beauty soaps that are infiltrated with countless chemicals. A few of these soaps may powder your skin with chemicals that may not react definitely with sunlight. Besides, some soaps may even make a protective coating.
Another important tanning aid is exfoliation. It helps to bring out the best tanning results. Process of exfoliating is extremely necessary on a consistent basis as it helps to dump rough and dead skin. When it comes to tanning, need of exfoliation increase manifolds. This is so because tanning means intensive work for skin, Exfoliation helps tanning in 2 ways. Firstly it takes away the dead skin and as a result you get the new skin which is simpler to tan. Second, it ensures that you get a uniform tan after all the coarse and dead skin is removed.
Once you are done with your tanning session, ensure that you've a bath. Your body attracts a lot of dust along with daylight too when you are out in the sun. Washing is even more important if you are sunbathing on a sandy beach. Also, a good bath will cool down your skin. This reduces the probabilities of developing a sun burn.

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