Smart Locks Access Control and Biometric Systems

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The use of biometrics for identification purposes, is quite old. It's no secret that government agencies have used for the issuance of identity cards, passport or social security cards. However, biometrics have begun to be implemented in many other areas, they are the example of access controls. Many experts say that biometrics are the keys to the future. In this way, people will not have to carry keys, which can be misplaced or stolen. In addition, the person must be present to open a biometric lock, unlike common systems, in which anyone could do so only with a key steal or forge. Previously, these checks were expensive and could only be in facilities with high levels of security.Over time and with the growth of crime, biometric access control has become one of the solutions, which attracted the most attention to when implementing a security system in homes or offices.In addition, prices are reasonable now and many people can afford them. In the market you can find several biometric security systems. Some use the fingerprint patterns other ocular and other facial features. There are other devices that analyze other qualities such as how to walk, talk or write. However, fingerprint locks are the most popular.

These locks can provide a secure access control. Biometric systems, apart from being very efficient, are also highly resistant mechanisms. For locks with fingerprint readers, they have knobs that make them impregnable, so they are better than conventional designs. A biometric access control can be used in various types of facilities. Homes and offices are the most common sites in which you can find this type of technology. Thus, office buildings and residences have increased levels of security through the use of biometric systems.On more than one occasion, security, restricted areas, has been circumvented by the use of traditional locks, which offer no resistance to the methods that criminals use today. Moreover, ordinary keys can be duplicated, lost or stolen, so trust them is not the best if you protect the safety, of the sites that need it most. To try to solve the problem of traditional keys, it began using electronic cards, but in this case, only adopted a more elegant, but just as insecure as before. If you plan to opt for a more reliable, keys or card, biometric locks may be the solution. To grant access only to authorized persons, these locks do a fingerprint analysis.

In this process of analysis, take the highlights of a footprint and are searched in a database, previously prepared, to see if the owner of the analyzedtrace a particular site can be accessed. If the sample is in the database, the lock releases its system and causes the door is opened automatically.As a result, biometric locks are a good alternative to an access control system. softwarea biometric lock, store the information of many users, which is ideal in homes where each family member is authorized to open the system, or in companies which has a large staff. locksbiometric systems are versatile because they allow them to open from inside and outside. Besides this, locks with fingerprint readers can be installed on doors of any material. additionto this, biometric locks have devices which allowsthem to be operated by remote control, by using a computer. This also allows a camera to monitor the status of the lock and have a report of people who have used or which have tried to force them. biometric locks and biometric systems in general have come to lend a hand, for creation of security mechanisms more reliable and more comfortable too. With these systems the safety key is the same, so you do not need more accessories.

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