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By: James Wulf

As part of my environmental work, I recently toured a British Waste Baler Machinery company, Strong Recycling Balers Ltd, at their factory in Cannock, Staffordshire. They are able to sell what in my belief is perhaps the best cardboard baler equipment on the market. They are hydraulic balers with several very special features:

The V40i is the widest “small” baler machinery on the market. The upper loading door is 73cm wide. Most small balers have a loading door opening between 53cm and 60cm. This better door opening makes loading cardboard and other materials much less complicated. Mainly for organizations such as schools, colleges, pubs, hotels, restaurants or supermarkets, this extra width is very valuable. Most food establishments frequently handle cardboard boxes about 60cm wide with very inflexible sides (i.e. vegetable boxes). It is familiar in most small cardboard balers to need to crush these boxes up so that you can load them into your waste baler equipment. The V40i and V70i balers are wide enough to accommodate these extra tough boxes without breaking them down.

The V40i has an intelligent relay, that counts the position of the pressing plate. This means - if the pressing plate is fully down and under pressure, the baler knows and you can’t start the baler under pressure in the “down” direction. This prevents great strain on the electric motor.

A new new feature is that Strong Recycling Balers are using a 3 phase 415v motor on all their waste balers, even the smaller ones. The power supply needed for the V40i and V70i is only 240v and 13amps. Strong Recycling Balers have incorporated an “Inverter”, that changes the standard 240v power into 415v, specifically for the 3 phase motor. This means the motor has a much more powerful through-put than a standard single phase motor. Standard 240v motors run at very hot temperatures and capacitors can repeatedly get burned out. This will not happen with the 3 phase motor on the V40i and V70i plastic balers. They are the most robust, powerful and reliable waste balers on the market.

Most small waste balers say they can make bale weights up to Xkg, but they are not specific about the material used to achieve their weights. A V40i can make up to 50kg cardboard bales (your choice) and can certainly generate up to 80kg bales of plastic or shrink-wrap. The V70 can easily make up to 80kg cardboard and up to 140kg plastic shrink-wrap bales. I earnestly consider the V40i and V70i will certainly out-perform any other respective V40 or V70, on the world market today.

The V40i can also flatten paint cans, plastic mushroom crates, plastic bottles, polypropylene, clothing and many other materials.

With all these additional features and more, the actual Direct Price of £2,225.00 plus VAT, from Strong Recycling Balers, offers the best value available. The above price is only possible if you deal directly with Strong Recycling Balers. It will be much more costly through their agents. If you are located within 150 miles of their factory, the above price includes delivery, installation, training, baler twine and 12 months parts and labour warranty.

If you are considering any size of waste balers, up to mill size balers, then it is especially sensible to contemplate Strong Recycling Balers, for the best quality, most reliable and most competitive priced balers on the market. They make their own vertical balers, at their factory, in Cannock, Staffordshire. Telephone Freephone 0800 5677 384 or 01384 567773 and ask for more information. A 7 Day Free Trial can also be made available.

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