Small Business Establish Accepting Credit Cards

By: Zindy Maseko

It always pays to now what you should look out for when you use your credit card online. Accepting credit cards is important if you are running an internet business. However, many businesses that only have small sites find the problem is that people won't buy from them if the site isn't secure. Potential customers will become real customers and use their credit cards if they know your site is secure.

On some sites you visit, you may have seen a small logo called [verisign], this means that the site is secure and you can use your credit card safely. It is easier to give out your details when you know this although no system is completely secure. Potential customers need this reassurance if you want them to buy from you.

If you are shopping online, there is something you should remember. Most sites accept credit cards online, but some are not as safe as others. The verisign logo helps and it is a good place to start but it is not the only thing you should look for. Normal web addresses start with http:// but when you are on a secure site or the ordering page of a secure site the address should start with https://.

Credit card users should be careful though because there are some web sites that accept credit cards that have the sole intention of collecting you card details. These are often referred to as phishing sites, you may be surprised at the number of people who fall for this. These 'phishing' scams often start with an official looking email from your Credit Card Company or bank requesting you follow a link to update or confirm your personal information. Once you have followed the link it transfers you to a false but cleverly constructed website, designed to look like the real thing. If you then enter the requested personal information, the fraudsters have very easily gained access details to your account.

The easiest way around this type of scam is to enter the website address in manually. Open up a new browser and then enter the internet address in manually. Financial companies do not use emails to verify personal information. Initial contact is normally by phone if there is a problem. Look on the company's real website for a phone number to make sure. All companies that are legitimate and offer credit card facilities will understand if you are hesitant and will help you with any issues you may have.

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