Slab Crappie Hidding in Crappie "Holes" Best kept secret of the old school fisherman

By: mark fleagle

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A crappie hole can be anywhere, even in shallow water where you would never think crappie would be hiding. A crappie hole is actually a "hole" in the ground located in shallow water areas. You will find crappie in some of the strangest places. Gators holes are often great crappie holes. The average gator will dig a hole 12ft by 12ft . They will also mound up dirt walls entangled with Lilly pad roots, which are excellent hiding places for crappie.
In other areas of the country, it may be a spot where a tree used to live(and was uprooted,or died years ago, leaving a "hole")...or you could have natural holes in the shallow water with soft muddy bottoms caused by uneven surface ... or air pockets under the muck.
If you are a avid crappie angler, you know these "crappie holes" hold crappie and you can catch an amazing batch of crappie in a very short period of time. Now you are probably wondering what is this guy talking about? why would any crappie want to hide in these so called "crappie holes"?, well this answer to your question is one word, "protection", but definitely not from you!, please follow the following steps to fish these crappie holes dry.
Step#1 You must get out on the water early before 7:ooam is perfect. Scout the shore line no farther then 15-20ft from shore to find your hole. Look directly in Lilly pads and in extremely shallow water.
Step#2 set your bait to get down 6 inches. Throw your line out and hit the center of the hole. Flip your line with your wrist so the boober makes a popping noise, but pop to hard you will loose your bait. The popping sound simulates a A fallen prey and drives any holding crappie nuts and into a feeding frenzy. They will hit your bait if they are there.
Step#3 Gently flick your wrists to keep the bobber "dancing"
Step#4 If you aren't getting any bites, raise the bobber a few inches out of the water and drop it harder. This will create a different and louder noise that will attract the crappie.
Step#5 And if you still don't get anything get your bait down 12 inches .. then pop the bobber a few times. Keep moving your bait down the line until you reach 2 feet under the surface, and keep popping the bobber.
Mark Fleagle Webmaster. 30+ Years Of Fishing Experience Expert Author At Click This Link To Find Out More About Catching crappie hole

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Mark Fleagle Webmaster. 30+ Years Of Fishing Experience Expert Author At Click This Link To Find Out More About Crappie fishing hole

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