Skin Tightening Cream With Palm Oil: Your Beauty Secret

By: Gothika Seol

Dry, furrowed, crepe paper skin can make you feel unattractive. The sad part is, no matter how well you massage some anti-aging creams and lotions on your affected areas, the signs of aging are hard to erase and your “grandma skin” simply remains! Research has proven, the areas around your neck, eyes and mouth are prone to aging. No one likes to look old and perhaps this is why the first time you notice the telltale signs of aging you instantly start slathering skin tightening creams all over your face and neck.

Well, before we discuss finding the right wrinkle cream that actually works, let’s take a closer look at the structure of skin and the effects aging can have on it. Your skin is made of three layers, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous.
The epidermis is the thin outer layer and has a number of nerve endings. It has been proven that new cells generate regularly in the lower epidermis layer and then they gradually make their way to the surface. However with age, the cell division process slows down significantly and as a result the dead skin cells no longer shed off as quickly, causing your skin to look aged.

The next important layer is the dermis. This middle skin layer contains elastin and collagen. During the natural process of aging, the dermis becomes thinner, the elastin and collagen breakdown, and skin loses it’s elasticity. This leads to moisture loss as your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture is significantly reduced.
Lastly, the deep layer of skin is known as the subcutaneous. It is made of nerve endings, oil glands, fat tissues and blood cells. With age fat deposits diminish making your skin to look dry, dull and furrowed.

Look for a recipe that actually works

The sad part is dry, creased and matured skin doesn’t respond well to typical moisturizers. Your mature skin demands something more. No two creams are alike. When it comes to selecting a cream that can reducing the telltale signs of aging you need to be more selective and rely on the proven and tested formula of super red palm oil.
Science has revealed that palm oil is that ultimate beauty secret in keeping your skin youthful, elastic, plump and hydrated. This is because the natural oil protects your skin and also supports rebuilding your skin from within.
With age your skin starts losing its natural oil, making it important to hydrate your skin well to prevent skin cells from breaking down. Natural super red palm oil, only found in the best skin tightening creams, can help rebuild your skin from within.
With regular application of palm oil enriched wrinkle creams your cells get plump and the appearance of deep wrinkles, furrows, fine lines and laugh lines are reduced.

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Gothika Seol has tried many products to help the effects of aging on her skin. She has tried natural wrinkle creams to reduce marionette lines that started affecting her looks as she grew older. She knows different remedies for problems associated with aging, as well as the various side effects of skin tightening creams available on the market.

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