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Say the word cancer and the mood of the conversation changes into serious. There are, of course, various types of cancer. But in this article we will be taking an in depth look at skin cancer.

When you are at the doctor's your mind automatically assumes there will be bad news.Imagine sitting there and the doctor comes out and says to you that you have cancer.

What would your reaction be to such news. Panic? Shock? How would it affect your life, your family, your friends if you found out you had cancer. What if it is terminal?

A diagnosis of cancer holds a certain lotto factor. Getting cancer is bad enough, but the type of cancer is critical to your ultimate outcome. Fortunately, skin cancer is both treatable and preventable.

So, just what are we talking about when we say skin cancer? In the most basic terms,it's an unnatural growth in the layers of the skin. The growth usually takes place in the epidermis.

As you can likely guess, skin cancer is caused by sun exposure. The exposure can be for short periods that result in burns, but they can also be for exposure over long periods of time. Having a good tan has not been shown to make a difference.

Cancerous skin growth is actually a catch all phrase. This particular cancer breaks down into three different types with each having its own outcome.

When it comes to this type of cancer, there is diagnosis of different levels of seriousness. Malignant melanoma is the worst. It is fatal if not treated early, but is the rarest form diagnosed.

Basal cell skin cancer, on the other hand, is the most frequently seen skin cancer.It's rarely fatal. Oddly, it can also be hereditary. If you family has a history of it, get checked out.

Squamous cell can be a nasty form of skin cancer, but it can also be caused by things other than the's found on both the skin and internal organs. The skin version is treatable, but it can spread and be deadly

There is a really sad thing about people with bad skin cancer. The ugly truth is they could have done something about it. You see, skin cancer is prevented pretty easily.'s the biggest factor in skin cancer episodes. Skin cancer is a result of exposure to the sun. If you take the steps to limit the damage of that exposure, you can cut your risk of skin cancer to next to nothing.

Am I suggesting you stay inside all the time? Of course, not. Just wear sun block to protect your fragile skin. If you are balding, throw a hat on. Nothing is worse than skin cancer on the noggin.

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