Skin Aging and Wrinkling and Way to Prevent it Happening

By: Julie Samtsonn

A big part of getting older is facing the fact that your skin will start aging, causing wrinkles and sagging. When the first fine lines and wrinkles start to appear, it could be that it is time to panic and start buying up in bulk anything on the market that promises to cure wrinkles. But have you taken a look lately at all the different anti aging creams and anti wrinkle creams? The science of skin aging, would dictate that the damage is certainly done by the time you begin to notice lines and wrinkles and anything you use would only be a short term fix. In fact, stop using the creams and the wrinkles and lines return very fast.
Skin aging actually starts in the early years when, as kids, we tend to be over-exposed to the sun during long hot summers. Climates of dry, cold winters don't help much either, all of these external elements tend to cause oxidants that attack the skin cells. Skin cells hold delicate balances of vitamins and need hydration to keep them appearing plump. Once the cells are damaged, they start to shrivel and dry and no longer reproduce cell growth as fast. This usually leads to the turnover of cells slowing to a point where the outer layer of skin is made up of older cells. These older cells look dull and facial muscle contractions then start forming wrinkles in the form of smile lines, frown lines, brow lines, crow's feet and general sagging.
The best way to prevent aging skin is to limit sun exposures, especially in the hottest parts of the day. Always use sun block to limit UV ray exposures when in the sun. Sunglasses will help block UV rays and protect the fine skin in the eye area. Avoid Tanning Beds, these use UV rays that accelerate tanning and are worse than regular sun exposure. They do not provide the natural nutrients or benefits from normal sunlight, either. Eat a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables and high in anti-oxidants, that will help promote healthy cell production and eliminate toxins. Take vitamins and supplements like Vitamins A, C and E, which promote healthy skin cell growth. Don't smoke, for many health reasons. However, for skin, the oxidants caused by smoking reduce skin cell turnover and repetitive facial gestures, like pursing lips, cause fine lines and wrinkles.
Use Antioxidant enriched skin care products, and ones that promote hydrating, as dry skin cells, tend to make you look older and should be exfoliated. Focus on eye area skin care, because this is where aging shows first with puffiness and fine lines, because of the thinner skin in the area. Use Retinol A products to remove dead, dry skin cells, usually found in the form of chemical peels, to show the healthy, new cells underneath and promote new cell growth, elastin and collagen production.
These hints will help prevent premature aging, along with the use of anti aging creams and anti wrinkle creams. Don't wait until you start seeing the signs to start preventing aging skin symptoms.

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