Skills Needed by Manufacturers in Tennessee Food Jobs & Employment

By: Luke Peterson

Tennessee has nearly a thousand registered food manufacturers. When you think about food jobs in Tennessee, you may think about processed foods of fresh farm meats and produce. Aspects of the job includes canning, freezing, refrigeration, dehydration, and aseptic processing. In general, the whole process is about creating a new product from raw form. With over 79, 000 farms across Tennessee, a significant percent of Tennessee's workforce are in the food industry, following cotton and textile. The question, however, is what are the skills needed to land a job in one of its manufacturing companies albeit new technology.

The standards for what skills the manufacturing companies are looking for have been raised through the use of computers, robotics and efficient processes. Consequently, people who are equipped with the right skills to compete with machines are hard to find. Knowledge and training are the two things employers can invest on for the positions they are trying to fill. Of course, this sounds too ideal. But it is is important to note that the manufacturing jobs cover over twelve million Americans and produce almost two trillion of the nation's economic output. The decline in the industry is not warranted but the number of employers needing manpower is predicted to become more and more limited.

According to research, the role of a technician in Tennessee food jobs and employment could prove to be the toughest. Their job is a combination of an operator, troubleshooter and a maintenance staff. It also entails being a mechanic and programmer depending on what manufacturing device the company uses. Despite advanced automation of time, the need for manpower will never be exhausted. A machine's accuracy can never correct an error it caused the way a human intellect can. Thus, one can still have a successful career in manufacturing if he or she is willing to upgrade his or her skills to meet the bar that has been set. A combination of the technical expertise and creative ability would be needed. Hence in order to advance your chances you may need to:

Engage in training certifications for technician programs or courses;
Get an extra course on specific operations, processes, products, etc.;
And take part on on site orientations of for sate-of-the art equipment for food jobs in Tennessee.

Accordingly, looking at the statistics, the skepticism regarding the future of employment in the manufacturing industry is not without its basis. Still, in the food business, the need for more than what machines can do does not have signs of wearing out soon. A recent survey confirms a projection of 41% of the manufacturing companies will be hiring in the coming year.

All the same, Tennessee food jobs may be incorporating more advanced and computer-assisted processes, the need for specialized and adaptable workers is equally important to hiring trainable employees with healthy work ethic. Some of the areas recruiters may look for in an applicant includes:

Mechanical reasoning, trouble shooting, and spatial visualization;
Personal flexibility and excellent communication;
Initiative, persistence, and flexibility;
Attention to detail;
And computer literate.

The industry is increasingly becoming knowledge-based. Manufacturers now require that employees are proficient in mathematics, computers and critical thinking. Nevertheless, Tennessee food jobs and employment is highly in demand for technical skills that machines cannot adequately perform.

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Luke Peterson is a career consultant by profession and a freelance writer. He writes articles on different subjects relating to human resource management and career building. In the given article, he highlights various aspects of Tennessee food jobs

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