Six Notes on What We Need Attention After Strenuous Exercise

By: venturiwang

Taking regular exercise is sure to good for health, but the necessary points after strenuous exercise are also related with people's health. Know these notes on what we need attention after strenuous exercise are very important.

Don't have a rest immediately after strenuous exercise.

If people have a rest immediately after strenuous exercise, the rhythmic contraction of muscles would stop, and the large number of blood flew into the muscle before will not flow back into the heart through the muscle contraction. That will result in lower blood pressure and occur transient insufficient blood to the brain, therefore, people will usually feel flustered, shortness of breath, dizziness, pale, even fainting or other symptoms.

Don't take bath immediately after strenuous exercise

People take cold bath immediately after strenuous exercise will contract the blood quickly for sudden stimulus. In addition, the blood flow resistance will be increased, while body resistance will become lower than before. That is the reason why people will get sick easily; In the case of a hot bath, it will increase flow blood within the skin so that excessive blood will flow into the muscles and skin, and cause insufficient blood supply to heart and brain. The light will feel dizziness, but if serious people will feel shock or cause other chronic diseases.

Don't eat lots of sugar

Maybe some people will feel comfortable when eat sweet or desserts after strenuous exercise, so they usually think this habit is good. But, in fact, if people eat too much sweet after exercise, they will consume plenty of vitamin B1 of body. So people can feel fatigue, loss of appetite, etc., which will have effect on the physical recovery. Hence, eat the foods that contain vitamin B1 after intense exercise is very good, such as vegetable, liver, eggs and other foods.

Don't drink water too much

People usually feel thirsty after exercise, and they will drink too much water or other drinks one time, actually, this would increase the burden on stomach and reduce the function of gastric juice on bactericidal and digestion. Besides, fast drink will also increase the burden on heart that will finally cause heart failure, nausea or abdominal distension. Therefore, people should not drink too much or fast after exercise, especially for those cold drink which could affect the distribution of body temperature and cause cold, abdominal pain or other diseases.

Don't drink wine for getting over fatigue

As we all known, people are in the state of excited after intense exercise, if they drink alcohol at this time, it will quickly absorb the constituents of alcohol into the blood. This will do more harm for liver, stomach and other organs. People keep this habit long-term may cause fatty liver, cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, dementia or other diseases. The same as the bear, if drink bear after exercise, it will increase the uric acid in blood and stimulate joints and lead to arthritis.

Don't smoke

After exercise, human metabolism will speed up and the organs in body are at a high lever work state so that they need plenty of oxygen. However, if people smoke at this time, the amount of smoke will not only pour into body, but will easy affect to human organ. This is more harmful than usually smoke.

Pay more attention on them, we will gain more benefits from them.

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