Simulated Swarovski Pearls for Necklaces

By: Gen Wright

Maybe you are currently familiar with pearl jewelry and have noticed them to be versatile and beautiful little items that can be used with almost any type of jewelry. Many pearls originate from Japan and China.

Pearls that come from Japan are commonly known as Ayoka pearls. In general they are rarer and of better quality than many other pearls. That is because the Japanese place a significant emphasis on quality. In each oyster shell, only one pearl is cultivated at any one time. Because of this, the pearls are often larger, rounder, and of better quality. Of course, Ayoka pearls are also more costly.

Pearls that originate in China are generally less expensive. That is because oyster farmers in China concentrate on volume. In each oyster shell, you may find as many as twenty to thirty pearls!

Natural and cultured pearls that come from pearl oysters are wonderful, but there is one small issue. Cultured pearls may take up to years for the pearls to form! Because of this, it is more difficult to obtain oyster pearls at reasonable prices.

It is fortunate that close substitutes are readily obtainable. Swarovski pearls are known to be very affordable, without any lowering of quality. This is because Swarovski has extensive experience in manufacturing faux pearls. The pearls are made using a unique pearl coating process that gives the imitation pearls a translucent outer appearance that is similar to the real thing. Many pearl experts find it difficult to tell the difference!

Similar to cultured pearls, Swarovski pearls come in many unusual colors. You will be able to buy black pearls, white pearls, cream pearls, and even gold pearls. The wide variety of colors make it easy for anyone to match them with chains and rings.

For instance, you can match a golden Swarovski pearl with a gold ring, in place of the traditional golden pendant. You can also match Swarovski pearls with ear rings, bracelets, ankle chains, and various different types of jewelry.

Swarovski pearls come at very affordable prices, especially when you purchase them at wholesale prices. Each high quality pearl may end up costing less than 5 dollars. When you purchase cultured pearls at wholesale prices, you sometimes get a few low quality pearls in the pack. That is because when pearls are produced in volume, it is almost impossible to get all pearls to be exactly round.

When you buy,purchase Swarovski pearls, you should expect consistent quality that you can't get with cultured pearls. because of Swarovski's highly refined manufacturing process, all pearls come in the same shape and size. In other words, if you place an order for 8mm pearls, you will receive a pack of 50 or more pearls that are exactly 8mm in diameter.

Because of the reasons cited above, any designer or purchaser will find Swarovski pearls to be a wonderful asset.

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