Simple tips to decorate your RV

By: Joey Kirk

The recreational vehicle is a very good investment, as it has a number of advantages for the owner. The RV owners can use it not just for travelling and camping purposes, but if they have a small business, they can use the RV to make up a portable shop. Decorating a RV is as exciting as using it and travelling in it. Here are some simple tips in which you can decorate the exterior as well as the interior of the RV.

Custom paint jobs may be expensive, but they definitely add the much-needed personal touch to the RV. If you are not yet ready to go for a custom paint job, you can always paint a single wall, or add a logo that you really like. You should consider the thumb rule of choosing light colours for external paint, as dark paints absorb heat and make the vehicle very warm. Many paint companies offer such programmes, and you would need to approach them with your requirements. There are chances that the paint companies might put in some freebie and discounts. You can also paint the interiors of the camper. While choosing paint inside, remember to choose a light and silent colour, so that the interiors do not look dark and foreboding.

If you are looking for exterior decorations, you should ensure that the decorations you use do not distract and disturb the other drivers on the road. Stay away from very gaudy ribbons, coloured cloth, and flags.

When it comes to the interiors, you have a lot of freedom about how to decorate it. You should ensure that the decoration does not hinder the movement and the placing of the important things in the camper. Also, remember that the camper will be moving most of the time, so you should not use trinkets, or at least not place them in a place where they might take a sudden rough and tumble all of a sudden. The best decorations for a camper would be wall hangings, stickers that go on the walls, and other things that will always be set in a specific location.

If you are travelling to places that have a lot of sunlight, and your travelling is more during the days, you should invest in curtains and blinds for the RV. There are many types and styles available, and you could buy either dark coloured or light coloured ones.

You can also get creative with the walls that divide the RV between the driving area and the living area. A facade or a large enough painting will look very good along the inner wall of the RV. You can even add special decorations to the roof of the RV, like flags, brightly coloured festoons, etc.

These are some decorating tips for your RV. Some companies offer complete thematic decoration options for RVs. Some of them might have their websites, where you can get information about how much they charge, photos of their previous work, and even how much they might charge for a particular type of decoration.

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