Simple martial arts techniques to win!

By: Ronald H Jeffries

Learn simple martial arts techniques to destroy anyone!

If you want to incporpoate the best ways to stay safe and protect yourself on the streets you will need to learn some simple martial arts techniques and get the advice from people that know street fighting the best. I am a guy who has done martial arts since childhood. I have fought in school yards, have fought on the streets, been jumped, been attacked, fought behind prison bars and now currently I am a bouncer at a busy night club. So I get paid to fight now. I want to share with you some simpole pointers on keeping yourself better prepared for violent encounters. I will give you some advice on self defense and I want you to take it seriously because it is a dangerous world out there.

Simple martial arts techniques #1 - The world is a war zone. Now don't get me wrong, the world is a good place but you have to realize that ever single person out there has it in them to hurt you. This can mean an abusive ex lover, a stalker, a person trying to rob you on the subway, a group of thugs outside a bar, the situations are endless. So with this lesson I want to tell you that being physically prepared for violence is essential. The one way you can do this is get into better physical shape. Also learn martial arts from a school or dojo that may be in your area. Being prepared for violence is the number one thing that will keep you alive.

Simple martial arts techniques #2 - If you are currently not active in a martial arts studio you should join one right away! Even if it is a simple thing like enrolling in a weekend self defense seminar or something as advanced as training all the way to your black belt. Any type of martial arts training is good regaurdless of what it is. If you already have already trained in a particular style for a long time, try looking into another type of martial arts to change up what you know and improve your confidence and skill levels with dealing with violence. Me personally, I am a great striker, but my ground game needed work so I have been training in Brazilian Jiujutsu the past six months.

Simple martial arts techniques #3 - A good martial arts style is Wing Chun Kung Fu. This is an ancient chinese based martial art that is primarily focused on self defense and utilizes striking and grappling, but for the most part it is a close combat fighting style. You can get extremely fast at blocking, parrying, trapping and stiking. My cousin has been training in Wing Chun for the past 10 years and he blows me out of the water when it comes to close combat. When it comes to street based fighting this is an excellent style to look into.

I hope you have learned these potent reality based self defense tips and take them into consideration to keep yourself safer and better prepared to handle violence whenever it appears. There is no magic secret for winning every fight but these self defense tips are key suggestions for survival.

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