Simple Yoga For Kids

By: Darvin J. Hooey

Yoga for kids? Certainly! A practice that's thousands of years old, yoga has been recognizedas an required practice for physical and mental health. The benefits of yoga are countless. Why not let yourchildren share inthese benefits as well? Our kids can immediately adopt this practicewhich leads to improved flexibility, coordination, improved strength, improved concentration and reduced stress, which would providea lifetime of benefits for your children! Kids are NOT just tiny adults, contrary to what many maybelieve. They requirea different approach... a different environment.
Kid's Style of Yoga
Your kidsmay have difficulty doingthe traditional yoga poses the waythey're supposed to, but they can still reap many of the benefits. Yoga for kids has to be entertaining and funsimultaneously! Yes, the traditional asanas are the framework, but to ensure yourkids engagedthe resulting postures are more interpretive in nature. There are classes popping up for youth nationally. They deal with this entertainment requirement by incorporatingmusic, storytelling, games, animal references, arts and crafts. Classes are offered for kids as young as toddlers! Just be surethe instructor has the requisite certification to teach children.
Special Benefits To Kids
As I said before, the benefits of yoga for adults are well documented, but the benefits of yoga for kids go far beyondthose that adults realize. Yes, it can support weight loss, flexibility, concentrationand strength, but yoga also assists with more kid specific issues. Case in point, research has shown that yoga can helpwith attention deficit and hyperactivitydisorders in children. Yoga satisfies the motor and sensorystimulation that kids desire. Practicing yoga at an early agehelps kids to develop self-esteem and improved coordination. Since yoga is not a competitive sport, it fosters a sense of cooperation and compassion, instead ofcompetition. This createsa more caring and givingchild.
At Home Yoga For Kids
As with adults, the benefits of yoga can definitely be brought home for your kids to experience! The main obstacle, as with most activities for kids, is keeping them engaged. However, as previously mentioned, if you incorporate animal sounds and movements, songs and games, they will stay engagedyou will keep their attention! Because kids love to make sounds and move around, and yoga lends itself to both. Don'tbe too critical as they wander their way through the differentposes. Don't get frustrated, if they aren't performing them perfectly. Instead, allow this to be an exercise ofself discovery with your guidance.
Yoga fro kids is in many ways superior toyoga for adults. Why not start your kids journeydown this lifetime road of self-discovery and self-improvement sooner rather than later, and the benefits they gain will grow exponentially!

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