Simple Ways to Treat a Sinus Headache

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

A sinus infection can happen at any time but some seasons can be worse than others due to the changing temperatures, saturation of pollens or increase in dust.

The symptoms of sinus headaches are very similar to that of migraines or tension headaches. This makes it even more crucial to consult with your doctor so that the kind of headache you're having is accurately diagnosed and the right kind of medicine is given. However, if it's confirmed that you're suffering from a sinus headache, try following these simple sinus treatments -

• Drink a lot of fluids. It's important to keep the body well hydrated. During a sinus infection, the tissue in the nasal passages become inflamed which results in congestion. Drinking fluids regularly will help bring down the inflammation and relieve sinus headaches.

• A nasal spray is a great sinus home remedy. You can choose to use between a decongestant nasal spray and one made from salt water. Decongestant nasal sprays can greatly help in alleviating the pain caused by sinus headaches. The spray keeps the inflammation down and helps drain them. A salt water nasal spray is also good at reducing inflammation of the sinus passages. However, it shouldn't be used more than six times a day.

• Take a decongestant prescribed by your doctor. Decongestants are designed to greatly reduce sinus headaches by improving drainage in the nasal passages and lowering inflammation. But make sure that you follow the correct dosage and instructions for use. It's also important to remember that decongestants shouldn't be taken for longer than the prescribed time period.

Always consult your doctor first before considering a decongestant for a sinus treatment. This will ensure that any existing health conditions won't worsen.

• Neti pots are great tools for relieving sinus headaches. Using a neti pot correctly helps with drainage and lowers the inflammation in the nasal passages. Directions for using neti pots are surprisingly easy to follow:

- Make a saline and water solution and fill your neti pot.

- Place head over the sink and tilt to one side; the forehead and chin should be aligned.

- Put the spout of the neti pot in one nostril and lift the pot so the solution flows from one nostril out into the lower nostril. Repeat the process with the other nostril.

- Use up all the solution in the neti pot.

- Clean neti pot with detergent and warm water.

• Make a humidifier a part of your home. A sinus headache can sometimes be alleviated by warm and humid as it helps ease nasal congestion and brings down inflammation. For those who can't get their hands on a humidifier, you can still make use of a hot, steamy shower or inhale steam to help relieve congestion.

• Gently massage the sinus areas. Gently work over the painful areas on your face, like your forehead or temples. Use your own fingertips and massage the area. Ideally, this would open up some space to help with the drainage. However, stop if there's no change or you don't feel any relief after five minutes.

If possible, hire a masseuse or ask a friend to massage your head. A masseuse would probably put their thumbs above your eyebrows and gently move or massage the area, moving from the center of the forehead and down towards the hairline.

• Refrain from smoking. Smoking can sometimes trigger a sinus headache by causing the nasal passages to inflame. So avoid smoking and stay away second-hand smoke.

• Minimize exposure to polluted air. Allergens and pollutants in the air can also trigger a sinus headache.

• Wash hands regularly. This simple act can greatly minimize the threat of a sinus headache. Washing hands regularly with soap will keep allergens and germs from spreading and causing inflammation to the sinuses. Nose picking should also be avoided as it could cause germs to get inside the nasal passages.

• Abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages. Imbibing alcoholic drinks can cause sinus and nasal tissues to swell, thereby causing sinus headaches.

These simple steps can help minimize the severity of sinus headache attack or even prevent it from happening. However, seeing a doctor when you have the sniffles is still the best course of action.

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