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By: Sandra Stammberger

A home remedy is any homeophatic solution to a persisting problem. This may not have scientifically-proven basis and results but may work well for some. Usually, these are handed down traditions and habits, which rooted in a basic knowledge (i.e. traditional medicine). A home remedy would normally employ the use of basic home materials, common substances and certain food ingredients. The common aim of which is to arrive in a desirable result or in the extreme cases, to cure a disease, an ailment, or any condition in question.

Additionally, a home remedy may not necessarily suggest actual medicinal value but they have a certain level of effectivity for which may bring about the placebo effect. Also, a home remedy may be defined as something with therapeutical or medicinal effects, a process that cures a disease or relieves a pain, and in most cases rectifies a disorder.

The most customary home remedies apply to the normal ailments an individual may experience, like that of headache, toothache, acne, sore throat, constipation and the likes. Some common home remedies:

Home remedy for headache

Some years back, people with headache would often apply menthol products like ointments, gels and creams or inhale mint leaves and concoctions. But with the advent of modern technology, a number of medicines have been developed to provide treatment for headache.

Home remedy for toothache

People in the tropical areas would normally use guava leaves to treat their aching tooth. Several pieces of these leaves are boiled, then the solution made out of this process is used to gargle the mouth. Some may add salt for better effectivity. On the cases, many patients gargle with salt and water alone, this is done to cleanse the cavity of the sored tooth. Also, others inhibit the use of natural oils and extracts obtained from almond, clove and vanilla. Almond and vanilla are known to have a certain level of alcohol content, which may help in disinfecting the infected tooth.

Home remedy for acne

Nearly a hundred percent of the entire American population experience mild to serious acne cases.

For mild acne patients, it is recommended that they clear their face of the excess oil. Sebum, or the oil produced by the skin oil glands, is recognized as the main cause of acne outbreaks along with other internal body system factors. Ideally, the face must be washed twice a day with mild soap or cleanser. Excessive washing may be more harmful than good as this action may spread the infection to other parts of the skin.

Home remedy for sore throat

As with many home remedies, salt and water solution also proves to be useful for sore throat. Some add cider vinegar, lemon juice, eucalyptus and peppermint to this solution for collective for better results. This is used to gargle the mouth to help clear off the soreness in the throat by releasing the stress in the muscles.

Home remedy for constipation

A drink of a lemon juice or lime, or salted tomato may do the trick. Most patients recommend that this must be taken in the morning or prior to any meal. Also, to achieve a better bowel movement, the simplest home remedy for constipation is a regular intake of considerable amount of fibrous foods, to cleanse the stomach of unnecessary digestive tract materials. In the absence of fiber, herbal tea may also do the job. It works in the same process as with fiber.

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