Simple Guide to Fitness and Beauty

By: Maya Matthews

Health is the most previous thing a person has; therefore it is of utmost importance that we take care of our health as much as possible. When a personal is physically fit and healthy, one looks good and lean inside and out!

A person can engage in a lot of different activities to keep fit and work out. One might choose to go for a morning walk or jog everyday. Others may prefer something more sociable, and might choose to plan basketball or tennis with friends. Other people might like to sign up to a gym and workout there, this option is indeed the best choice for achieving a lean look and growing strong muscles.

Exercise is also important as it has many health benefits. It protects the body from a number of diseases and conditions. It is also one of the best methods for keeping happy and content. It is truly amazing how exercise can help improve both a person's mood and self confidence, indirectly therefore preventing one from falling into depression or anxiety.

Of course it is of utmost important for anyone to first consult with their doctor/GP before embarking on any fitness and exercise regime. This is truly important as it will help, among other things, avoid injury.

A well balanced exercise plan should include a mixture of cardiovascular and weight training exercises. This will ensure calories are burnt, whilst also increasing the muscle to fat ratio which will increase a person's metabolism.

When a person who has never worked out before, decided to embark on fitness plan, they should do so in a gradual and slow manner. Over doing it at the start can lead to injury or pulled muscles. Endurance is built slowly over a number of weeks and months.

There is another ingredient to beauty, which does not have to do with being lean and full of muscles. An essential ingredient to it is the beauty from within a person!

The following are some tips you can use to stay healthy and beautiful:

* Read books daily to work out your mind and keep it sharp!

* Everyone gets stressed, and work often has a lot to do with it. Try and do something special for yourself everyday to reduce the stress. Simple things you can do for yourself, like having a hot bath or going for a swim, will help you relieve stress greatly.

* Incredibly enough, pollution also has something to do with people's moods and stress level. Try and combat this by taking in daily vitamin supplements and antioxidants. This will help, for instance, protect your skin from damage. When buying beauty products ensure that contain antioxidants as well.

* Become healthier by cutting out those bad habits! Quit cigarettes and cut down on alcohol drinking. It is amazing the positive effect these two changes will have on your health and well being.

* What if you don't smoke? Then make sure that you stay away from smokers as much as possible! Studies have shown that non-smokers are also at risk of developing lung cancer due to second-hand smoking.

* Be positive! Start the day with a positive outlook towards life. Wake up in the morning and feel enthusiastic for the day ahead. Just as exercise makes a person feel better, so does a smile! Smiles are very positive, and moreover they are very contagious. Not only will it brighten your day, but for others around you as well!

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