Simple Changes Can Ease Your Heartburn Symptoms

By: Keira Adams..

If you experience heartburn, easing your symptoms might be as simple as changing a few habits. Keep reading for some tips on stopping heartburn before it gets going.
Lots of people experience heartburn discomfort while they're trying to sleep. But by simply eliminating evening snacking, you can ease your heartburn symptoms considerably. Don't snack for several hours leading up to bedtime. Evening snackers will have a particularly difficult time with this. Yet it's essential if you want to get a more restful sleep at night.
What you eat is just as important as when you eat it. Foods that are high in acid, such as alcohol, tomato products, coffee and citrus juices can all trigger a bad case of heartburn. Sometimes even an apparently harmless food can lead to excess acid production in the stomach. Foods that are highly spiced or high in fat will also set off an incident of heartburn.
By limiting the volume of food you eat, you can improve your chances of preventing heartburn. This involves restricting your portion sizes at each meal. Food is sent back up the esophagus when your stomach is too full. This really aggravates the burning sensation in your chest because it's absorbed some of the stomach acids.
If you're overweight, try dropping a few pounds. If they do so, a number of heartburn sufferers experience a reduction in their symptoms. Oftentimes they experience decreased pressure on the stomach, which leaves more room for the digestion process. Therefore it isn't quite as likely that it will be returned up the esophagus.
From time to time you might indulge yourself too much, and with the wrong foods. If this is the case, it's very important that you avoid lying down and instead remain sitting or standing in an upright position. This will help to hold the food in your stomach, away from your esophagus, and hasten the digestion process.
Heartburn sufferers who are overweight aren't the only ones who should make more beneficial lifestyle choices. Those who smoke are also more prone to this ailment. If you smoke, the muscles in your esophagus don't work as efficiently. Therefore they're less able to prevent the undigested food in your stomach from making its way back up. Also, the chemicals that smokers ingest make their stomach acids even more toxic. Each puff of a cigarette raises your chances of experiencing heartburn.
Don't forget that lifestyle modifications might not be the ultimate fix for more severe instances of heartburn. Some will still require a visit to their physician before they get any relief.

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