Signs That You Are Totally Into Him

By: James Monahan

Love can be really and totally confusing. In fact, it can be “crazy” confusing with emotional, mental and physical sensations all running through your veins and you just cannot understand every last one of the feelings.

When you are totally into a person, you just don’t feel, you think, you hear and you see nothing but that person. This may sound so lovesick to you, but hey who says love is not an illness?

While love may be manifested in a lot of ways, romantic love has more or less the same symptoms and manifestations. Knowing when you are ill a.k.a when you are totally into a person may spell the difference between instant recovery and total chaos.

After all, being forewarned is forearmed and knowing what you are feeling when you are feeling can help a lot in managing your feelings better.

He seems to be everywhere

When you are totally into person, you think about him all the time and these thoughts whether conscious or unconscious can manifest in a lot of ways.

Every little thing that you see, hear, feel will remind you of that person you are totally into, whether it be a word that he would always use, a song that he really likes or a t-shirt that he would always wear.

Some people even see the person in other persons, mentally comparing everyone she sees to the person she is totally into. He will constantly be in your thoughts and you will think of him in the most inopportune of places and times.

His likes will suddenly appeal to you

When you are totally into a person, their likes will suddenly appeal to you. When before the thought of going camping or hiking give you visions of mosquitoes and bears, now you will gladly endure a whole night of convening with nature just to be with that person.

When before you would not care to eat at a restaurant that you find really tacky, now you will gladly eat everything in the menu because the person you are totally into is totally into the food.

This is when certain compromises happen, when his interest will become your interest and vice versa. Often, this happens because couples want to be together and are wiling to make certain sacrifices to be able to do that.

He will provoke extreme feelings from you
Whether it is happiness or sadness, anger or guilt, one sign that you are totally into a person is when that person is able to provoke in you extreme emotions.

This, in short and sweet terms, means that you care and that the situation or the feelings matter. Often, when a person is totally into another person, he or she will experience happiness whenever they are with that person they are totally into. The sane goes with sadness whenever there are arguments and fights.

You will see no other

It might sound corny but when you are totally into a person, you will see no one else but that person. When conversing for instance, your attention will totally be focused on that person to the point that you will no longer notice others in your midst.

Stopping and speeding up of time

Time indeed stops when you are with the person you are totally into, the same way time speeds up when you are apart from that person.

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