Shoulder Pain Treatment Cured My Torn Rotator Cuff

By: Nick Bryant

The fascinating thing about shoulder pain is that however you managed to injure your shoulder, exercise is going to feature in the rehabilitation. Do not head off to the gym and start working out. That is probably a guaranteed way to end up needing surgery.

Most shoulder pain treatment starts with a period of rest usually coupled with anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relief. It is essential to let a shoulder injury heal properly by letting it rest properly. Depending on what type of injury you have and what you do for a living, this might involve some fairly radical changes to your daily routine.

To give you an example.

I tore my rotator cuff at the end of last year and despite my doctor advising me to rest, I carried on more or less as normal, occasionally feeling pain when I forgot about my shoulder and moved my arm above shoulder height. My shoulder continued to get worse until I decided to exactly follow his advice and rest it completely. This involved not driving for starters. I am lucky in that I work at a desk so it was reasonably easy to stop using my shoulder. I had to rearrange my desk at work to avoid using my injured arm. I could carry on using the computer but the phone had to move to the right side and even the place mat for my coffee cup moved across. While I was at home, I had to reduce the amount of play with the kids and let my wife to help me get dressed. Gardening and DIY had to go for a few weeks too. Alongside this change in routine I started taking maximum dose ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation.

I began to see things getting better in three weeks, the pain got better and some of the movement became easier. I was then able to start doing some Pilates based shoulder exercises to stabilise and strengthen my damaged shoulder.

Having suffered from worseneing pain for several months my shoulder was back to full pain free movement in aroound six weeks of starting the exercises.

So, to rest your shoulder properly and not try to carry on. Think about your daily routine and what causes you pain and then change or avoid these things. A week or two of inconvenience is a small proce to pay to prevent months of pain and even prevent you needing surgery. It is well worth the inconvenience.

And remember, your shoulder is a complex joint with seventeen different muscles as well as ligaments, cartilage and tendons. It is always worth getting a doctors advice if you have persistent shoulder pain.

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