Should You Outsource Bookkeeping And Accounting Services?

By: India Outsource

In our observation, small businesses hate keeping books. If that's the case with you then hire an outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services and forget all about keeping books forever. Simple, done! But what is bookkeeping and should you outsource it?

What bookkeeping means?

Bookkeeping is entirely different from accounting. Bookkeeping is keeping records of day to day transactions and is a part of accounting information system. Accounting means managing and creating reports for stakeholders to decide the course of future action. Accounting helps in analyzing and interpreting financial condition of the company. Bookkeeping is the very basis of accounts keeping. A bookkeeper or accounting clerk is responsible for maintaining an accurate records for everyday transactions. And once the groundwork has been laid, accountants analyze and reconcile the data to make reports.

You can have the job done either by hiring people in full time positions or you can hire outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services. We think small companies can benefit by that, and here is why:

1. Free up time for billable activities

Businesses need money. If you are not billing your customer, you are wasting your time. Often entrepreneurs are stuck with keeping records but outsourcing the job to accounting services in India frees up time for money making activities. Expert bookkeepers use advanced tools, so the tasks are accomplished faster, usually in a fraction of the time in which you would have done it.

2. Stay on track with very little expense

Hiring a full time in-house accounts team is very expensive, particularly if you are a small business and still not hugely profitable. A smart workaround that works for many entrepreneurs is to offshore accounting process and use a lightweight yet effective accounting software like Quickbooks to stay on track.

3. Use of dedicated software, less paper trail

Accounting firms use dedicated accounting software for data crunching and reports. That eliminates all possibilities of accounting mistakes. The result is cleaner reports and better understanding of financial condition without the added clutter of papers and bills going back and forth between accountants and stakeholders.

4. Pay for what you need

A general consensus among small business operators is to have the accounting process outsourced to save on expenses. When you outsource you have better control over expenses of the accounting service. You only pay for what you need from the bookkeepers and accountants. The services are scalable and you can easily add more add on services to the basic pack of things that you subscribed to. From there on it's all about upsizing or downsizing the offshore team to what you want.

5. Do what you love doing

Nobody can be an expert at everything. You may be a cake maker or an artist, and you are not going to like playing with numbers. It will be a very time consuming effort and there is a very good chance that you will be making mistakes. An expert will take a fraction of the time to do the job and do it without mistakes.

Forget keeping books on your own, hire an expert and be in control of your financial condition.

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