Should I take a Thermo Fat Burner?

By: Martin Benjamin

Fat burning supplements have been around for many years. Bodybuilders and athletes have been using them to help drop weight, intensify their workouts, and give them energy on game day.
They come in several categories and have varying ingredients but the most widely used are known as thermogenic fat burners. ECA Stack is a common abbreviation that refers to the main ingredients. Ephedra, caffeine, and aspirin.

Ephedra and caffeine are widely used stimulants that increase your heart rate, provide energy, and can make you more alert. At the same time they can increase your blood pressure so be sure that you use carefully and consult your doctor. Ephedra was banned by the FDA in 2004 so now other stimulates are used. They usually arenít quite as effective but are also less dangerous.

The term thermogenic comes from the result of your increased heart rate pumping more blood through your body. This causes your body temperature to rise and helps to increase the rate calories are burned resulting in a ďthermogenicĒ effect.

The reason aspirin is used in these products is because it thins the blood. By thinning the blood aspirin enhances heat resistance in the body. This allows the effects of caffeine and ephedra (or its substitute) to last longer.

While many companies may make wild claims about the weight loss effects of their fat burning supplements, donít plan on popping a pill and sitting on the couch to shed those unwanted pounds. Weight loss still takes work. Thermo fat burners help enhance the weight loss achieved through diet and exercise. Take fat burning supplements with your exercise and diet regimen and you will see results more quickly.

Body builders will often take fat burners when they are shedding the last remaining fat before an event. The stack will help to get them over the edge quickly to get rid of those last few pounds leaving them lean and ripped. Another benefit they gain comes from the diuretics contained in most thermo fat burners.
Our bodies retain water. More than retaining water, our bodies are 70% water. The diuretic action helps to remove some of this water. This is not a state you want to be in daily. It is important to consume water for healthy function but if you will be spending a day at the beach, have a photo shoot, or a contest it will help you to get that cut look that otherwise may not be possible. Just donít try to look like that every day. If you are taking fat burners regularly to enhance weight loss make sure you drink plenty of water to counteract the effects.

Check the ingredients for any fat burner you are thinking about taking. Make sure there is nothing dangerous included. Read reviews from people that have tried it. If you see complaints or adverse side effects donít try it. Another good idea is to try a small dose first to see how your body will react. You donít want to spend the day light headed, dizzy, and jittery. Even worse, you could end up in the emergency room. If a mild dose has no adverse effects you may be able to increase the dosage.

It is also recommended to cycle the supplements. Just like with anything else your body will adjust and the effects will be lessened. Try cycling 2 weeks on 1 week off or a similar type schedule. This will ensure that you get the most out of your fat burning supplements.

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