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By: Cesar Muler

Shopping is an activity all of us like. Contrary to what most think, men also love shopping. However, it is true that women spend more time shopping, even when they are shopping online. Anyway, the topic here is not about the shopping habits of women and men. We are trying to tackle a more serious issue that is related to shopping. We are talking about donating to children’s charities that need urgent funds to take care of the innocents. Thanks to some of the large corporations being part of fund raising, you can shop for kids and help in their treatment.

When a couple decides to bring a child to the world, they don't think about how they are going to take care of it. This is an unfortunate fact. If I know that I cannot afford a child, I shouldn't give birth to a child. But most don't think this way. There are many cases where children are born unplanned. And then they go through a lot of trouble because their parents cannot afford to feed them, let alone take care of them.

Children are completely dependent on the adults and without support, they cannot survive. We have heard cases when children are left on the steps of churches and orphanages because the parents cannot take care of them. The parents are fully at fault here, but what is more important is that the child is rescued. There are many parents who cannot afford to take their children for treatment. It is not the child's fault, is it? But you can make a difference. You can shop for kids and donate to children’s charities and make a difference to the lives of many children.

The way this works is rather simple to understand. There are not for profit organizations that take care of needy children, especially when they need medical help. These children’s charities can be found in multiple cities across the country. Some are fortunate enough to be well funded, but most have issues with funding. How you can help can be clearly defined.

When you visit the website of one such not for profit organization, you can choose to shop for kids. Go to the shopping tab and choose from the list what you plan to shop for. It could be books or educational toys or even stuff for adults. When you click on the relevant link, you are directed to a shopping portal. The moment this happens, the portal pays a certain amount to the original not for profit website that you came from. A part of their funding need is taken care of this way. When you shop for kids, a part of your spending may also go to these children’s charities or you may be requested that a dollar is added to your total bill.

See it makes sense to shop for kids when you donate to a larger cause. Find out about how these children’s charities work and you will feel happier about shopping.

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