Shodanhq Ė The underworld search engine

By: william benn

Every day we turn on our computer log on to the internet and then search Google for Facebook, because now, Google is embedded in the URL bar of every browser. Itís not unusual but is turning into a necessity.
We use Google for everything from a to z and from morning till night. But what if we canít find something on Google? Where will we go? Now, we have the option of reverting to another search engine or using a different term for that topic.
If that doesnít work, then what else can we use?
There is a secret search engine that we can use in such circumstances. Itís called Shodan and it was built by John Motherly, who call it the scariest search engine on the internet today. Because shodan is used more by Criminals, law enforcement agencies, hackers and all those white hat and black hat people rather than normal public.
John Motherly used it as his pet project and has now made the engine live that can search over 500million IP addresses all over the internet and can show them according to its categorization.
The search engine has some of the most popular searches of web hosting from America, free webcam websites and other websites. According to an article from CNN, people can log into many websites and databases by using the software. Mainly these databases are using the default password and penetrating into them is just a piece of cake.
Some drawbacks:
Shoran HQ is an underworld search engine that only provides a list of IP addresses belonging to any computer linked anywhere in the world. So, any query that is not according to the name of the database list will not reply a positive response.
Shodan search engine cannot show results in any other format except in IP addresses of different websites.
Positive Points:
Shodan can be used by law enforcement, as well as normal public. Only 50 searches are available for users, if they want to conduct more they can ask the administrator by paying him small amount. Itís not a plus point for the users but for keeping the server system intact and crime free.
SHodan can search any IP address, of computer from car washing to affordable logo deisgn firm to any mainstream media organization that is directly connected to the internet.
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