Seven Simple Marketing Strategies

By: Bob B Howard

When it comes to Marketing Strategy there are certain things that we should consider. When promoting a product or event there are some simple strategies that you can use. The process of presenting a message to people to promote a product or service is marketing.

1.Don't get overwhelmed. Too much information at one time will just create confusion. Let me tell you, it takes work to get to that point and some days aren't easy. Stay focused and stick to your plan. Be diligent and don't get carried away by short quick success or failures.

2.Learn to get your target market! One of the easiest ways to attract customers is to figure out which group of prospective customers you get your very best results for and go after them exclusively. Many professionals are afraid to do this claiming that they'll be leaving someone out, but many marketing experts agree that niche marketing as the easiest and fastest way to get business. The more specific and targeted the market the better your odds will be in online marketing.

3.Develop exciting promotional materials. The problem most people make is trying to convince people to give up their time and money and register for a program by just listing eventís name, date, location and price. We all can be a bit optimistic about our offerings, but this is like hoping for a miracle. Whether you are promoting online or offline, using fliers, brochures, or emails, make sure your materials are exciting to read and communicate the full story.

4.Clearly convey reasons why your potential client should register. Donít assume people know whatís in it for them. Tell them. What are the BIG, HOT, UNDENIABLE BENEFIT people get from participating in your program? Are you clear what it is? Is it something your audience really wants? It better be! And make sure to COMMUNICATE this over and over again.

5.Use multiple media to get your message out .Donít limit your promotions to just fliers and emails. Use some help from fast and easy access technologies like direct mail (like postcards and complete sales letters) and add phone-blasts and faxes. Also, using simple, two- step direct response ads can be highly effective as well. Finally, donít forget other promotional opportunities like mentioning your events during speaking engagements and including bounce-back offers in materials already being sent to your current clients. And of course do not overlook social media like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin!

6.Find promotional partners. This is one of the most effective yet most overlooked ways to get eager participants to sign up , when you get others to endorse and promote your products. Depending on your audience you may find it beneficial to team up with person that has a reputation of success, a professional association/group, or other businesses that already have an established relationships with your potential clients.

7.Make it easy to register. I know...this one seems so obvious! Yet, it amazes me how often I personally give up on ordering something I really want because the process is "too hard" or confusing. Give potential buyers clear instructions and offer multiple choices of payments

Often times is it the small things that make a difference between a good month and bad month when it comes to marketing.

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Bob Howard

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