Servicing Your Subaru to keep it on the Road and Running Smoothly

By: Ateffner Lind

Having your Subaru serviced at the right intervals is essential to keeping your luxury vehicle at the peak of its performance. In accordance with the warranty that came with your Subaru, Subaru Manchester NH recommends you service your vehicle at either 12,500 km or at 6-month intervals. If you have any questions regarding your mileage, you should contact your Subaru service centre.

Signs that you may need to bring your vehicle to the shop outside of your service schedule include odd sounds coming from the engine, veering steering or any leaks. If you see any performance changes like these, you should have your local Subaru service centre take a look.

Outside of the scheduled service appointments, you should be monitoring the performance of your Subaru on your own. One of the things you should monitor with your Subaru is your engine oil. You should check the levels every month or so, and top it up in small increments. Stick to your specific grade, as oil that has a low viscosity may be used up too quickly. By maintaining your engine oil periodically, your engine is more protected and more likely to properly function. If you don't service your engine oil, there could be severe damage caused by metal on metal contact. If you carry heavy loads, drive off road or in dusty conditions, you should change your oil much more frequently than the average driver.

You should also maintain your Subaru's air conditioning system - particularly if you live in a warm part of the world. One easy tip to keep your AC working is to switch it on for about five minutes every few weeks to lubricate the system seals. You should do this even in wintertime to prevent your hoses from hardening and to ensure the AC operates consistently. As part of your scheduled maintenance, a mechanic should inspect the air conditioner for any damage and to check the level of refrigerant, as well as to check for any leaks or cracks in the parts.

Another part of your Subaru that needs to be maintained are your tires. You should check the air pressure once a month to keep your vehicle operating safely, as well as to reduce fuel consumption. Be sure to check air pressure when it is cold outside, otherwise it may give you an incorrect reading. Without checking your air pressure, you run the risk of major tire deformation and destruction. At your service appointments, the technicians will rotate your tires, extending their shelf life. If you are going to replace a tire, replace all four tires at the same time as different makes or sizes can damage the Subaru's powertrain. Although your tires will wear over time, with proper maintenance they should last quite a while.

At the bare minimum, Subaru of Milford, a Subaru Dealer In NH, recommends you book service appointments for your Subaru at the intervals mentioned in your handbook. Doing so will ensure your Subaru stays on the road and out of the shop.

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