Services Abortion Clinics Should Improve On

By: Michelle Anne Jones

Abortion, as an issue, has been continually bashed by anti-abortionists and criticized some lawmakers. Because the planet just can’t seem to leave abortion alone, the best thing abortion providers can do is to adapt with the criticisms and whatever new regulations and laws and just make themselves better--prove to their critics that they are better than all the accusations thrown at them. Since not all attain the image and procedures of an ideal abortion clinic, I have touched on some services that might help improve the positive image of abortion clinics all over the country.

Image and marketing

Yes, this is what I am talking about. Abortion clinics should start making their publicities right. And when I say “right,” I am not only pertaining to the message of the ads. Almost all marketing materials from abortion providers are already quite good--focusing on their mission or vision in helping women make right choices, et cetera, et cetera. However, they have to take it all the way. Some clinics only post their ads in the local papers. Now, are they sure that the members of their target audience are reading the local papers? Like the majority of them? Perhaps it is time to venture out into other marketing platforms like the Web or the mobile platforms. Most women are modern now. Clinics can reach more of they go online.

Customer service

Now this has been the cause of complaints from clients and patients over and over again. Actually, it is not only in the abortion industry. It is in every industry. Some clinics just do not know how to handle their patients. First of all, abortion clinics have to remember (always!) that they are paid to give service to their patients. It is high time that every abortion clinic should take this role seriously. Providing quality service--customer service included--is the only way they can defend themselves from straightforward criticisms.

Counseling service

This is another service abortion providers should take seriously. Heck, some clinics do not even have a counseling service ready for their patients. Others do not have licensed psychologists or guidance counselors so when a patient badly needs advice, one of the doctors just take on the job. Come on, people, doctors are not psychologists. I mean, of course, they can explain everything about abortion and the abortion procedures. But they cannot tap on the patient’s emotions, about what is the cause of her depression or guilt or anxiety. Well, maybe some of them can, but let us be realistic here, people.


If one’s facilities and equipment are well functioning and up-to-date, the only worry of the clinics’ medical professionals is how to perform the abortion procedures perfectly. This development can also silence the protesters--well, not really silence. But at least they have something proven, that they do not jeopardize their patients’ safety. Every move an industry takes is all about the message it wants to send to the public. An industry scrutinized and criticized like the abortion industry should be careful to send out just the right messages to continue thriving with the other industries.

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